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Games. Life. Occasional giddiness.

There are plenty of places to find the latest reviews, previews, and discussions of CUTTING EDGE TECH SUPER NEW GAMES BRO!!!

That’s not us.

We’re interested in the conversations you have once you set the controller down. All of the weird little character details you wonder about when you’re alone. The friends you’ve made through gaming, and the things you talk about with them. The ways games have let you escape into fantasy, and how games have impacted and expanded your real world. That one time a game made you cry, and every time a game has made you laugh. The drawings you made, the fanfic you wrote, the weirdest stuff a game has inspired you to create. Each and every one of the games you love, from your very first game to the latest release.

That’s what we’re talking about at Gamervescent.

When we say “we,” we mostly mean Jennifer Culp and Bethany Bryan, who edit this sucker, though we’re sure our contributors co-sign.

We can’t pay in anything other than our eternal love and all the heart emojis our fingers can type, but we LIVE for the beautiful oddball game-related words and images that come out of your brain, and we would love for you to contribute something to Gamervescent. Our submission guidelines can be found here; hit us up at submissions@gamervescent.com!

Totes feminist, no assholes, we all just wanna have fun.


Jenn & Bethany

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games. life. occasional giddiness.