Alpaca Run

Alpaca Run

Gamervescent friend Cameron Kunzelman has released a new game called Alpaca Run, in which you help a running alpaca jump over obstacles and collect apples throughout a series of different landscapes to the accompaniment of a delightfully oddball song by Samantha Allen and Guy Conn. The lovely background images come from the brain and doodlin’ hand of the one and only Joseph Culp.

Cameron on Alpaca Run:

Inspirations for Alpaca Run include: the Soundplay series that Kill Screen sponsored, the Bit Trip Runner games, running alpacas, and the feeling of absolute joy you have when you embody a jumping alpaca.

Notably, there isn’t a fail state in Alpaca Run. I want everyone to complete it. I want everyone to have a fun journey and to get to listen to a cool song without failing over and over again.

I died 27 times on my first playthrough, and still have a persistent case of the giggles. (Note: giggling madly does not do much to improve alpaca leap timing, does result in falling off of cliffs.) Leaping alpacas, man, they really can’t help but brighten your day. Go give it a try!

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