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Come to the dark side. The presents are better!

Oregon Trail

What do games like the Oregon Trail, Radiata Stories, The Sims, and the entire Fable franchise have in common? They’ve all showed that if given a chance and a little power, Kaylan Kennedy will go rogue.

Technically Oregon Trail and the Sims are not morality choice video games, but they give you the ability to name your pawns and, if given the opportunity, kill them. Oooooops! What is that, lil Sim? Does your pool now lack a ladder now? Oh, come on, frontier guys, fording this river is the best idea!

R.I.P., little video game people. Thanks for existing so I could take out my aggression on you.

Given the option, I will develop a highly twisted God complex. Continue reading Come to the dark side. The presents are better!

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

From my previous posts you, dear reader, may have learned that Kaylan loves Kingdom Hearts, hates Neopets, is a controller-throwing completionist, and enjoys writing about things that piss her off. Surprise! Only love today. I’m here to talk about one of my most cherished possessions, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and the spell it holds over me.

Over the years games have come and gone in the Kennedy household. Of them all, Disgaea has been my friend the longest. When I am having a bad week, I seek its comfort. This tactical role-playing game has seen me through all sorts of tough things, from break-ups to the loss of a grandparent. Continue reading Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Defeated…by Neopets

Neopets: The Darkest FaerieWhen it comes to gaming, I am a perfectionist. Being an avid RPG gamer, I feel compelled to complete games at 100% perfection level.

This in no way makes me a good gamer; it makes me a tortured and insane person. I throw controllers, I do not play well with others (at all), and I kill myself over finding every single treasure chest in an area before I can continue. I am that asshole who has to find all the Pokémon, and it’s not enough to just find them: I have to enslave them and train my party to the highest level possible.

I am that girl who played the abortion known as Final Fantasy X-2 (I’m not proud of this). Not only did I play what amounted to dress-up Barbie FF, I beat the thing. And then, when I realized I had only completed 97% and fallen short of the “perfect ending,” I went back and played it all again to catch every last chocobo. I cringed, knowing that I would forever remember the lyrics to “10,000 Words,” but I had to do it to ease my suffering over being labeled 3% short of perfection.

The hours I have devoted to certain RPGs would surely qualify me as clinically insane. Tales of Symphonia has 1,557.34 hours logged in its save screen. I can’t even estimate the amount of sunshine and physical activity I’ve missed while playing the Kingdom Hearts and Fable games. I’m not proud of it, but not particularly ashamed, either…except when it comes to my deepest, darkest secret:

I played Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, and not only did I play it, I could not beat it. Continue reading Defeated…by Neopets

I’m still waiting.

Disney and Square Enix have brought me immense joy and crippling anger.

Kingdom Hearts

In 2002 Kingdom Hearts was released. It was a beautiful, life-changing game, a game that combined my love for Final Fantasy with movie characters from my childhood. In the beginning I was skeptical, but that changed with the opening scene of the game. After choosing my path, I began my journey as Sora.

Befriending Donald and Goofy … flying and building gummi ships with Chip and Dale … finding Moogles to sell me things … going from world to world meeting beloved characters such as Ariel, Bell, Aladdin, and more … squealing when I encountered Cloud, and swooning over Leon once again … saving the Hundred Acres Wood one page at a time … Hell, I built a gummi ship in the shape of a Cactuar! But I still wasn’t satisfied after defeating the Heartless; I needed more. Continue reading I’m still waiting.