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Life is Strange Episode 1: Totally Angsty Teenager

life is strange

I reached an epiphany about a month into gaming with my deliciously relevant PlayStation 4, and it was pretty depressing. I crunched the numbers—since the new Batman and Star Wars: Battlefront are coming out, and shit, I still haven’t played Inquisition, and Until Dawn looks freaking spectacular—and oh yeah, I basically realized I can’t afford AAA game titles.

I am a grown-ass woman, and making what I make at my full-time job, I cannot afford AAA game titles. I have bills to pay, cats to feed, a roof to keep over my head, yadda yadda yadda—and yet, I do feel the pressing need to be on the edge of entertainment, to keep up with the newest must-play games, to have relevant opinions OK, that living organisms outside of the two furry ones I shovel shit for will actually want to hear.

The solution? Indie games! Apparently they’re a thing on consoles now, too!

(A/N: For everyone’s safety, just assume I’m a time-traveling Martian who hasn’t really touched a console since 2002, and you will understand my dumbshit excitement about things like independent games being sold digitally or streaming television on my gaming system so much better.) Continue reading Life is Strange Episode 1: Totally Angsty Teenager