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Kaylan Loves Being Underwater

After entering Fontaine Futuristics, I am met with a recording by Gil Alexander. That dude Sinclair (You would think I trusted him by now. The answer is NOPE.) informs me that Gil was involved in Big Daddy research. So I get super excited. I want to know all I can. I get to go back underwater for a little bit, which is one of my favorite areas to explore. I think it’s the prettiest part of Rapture. The bright coral and little ADAM slugs. It’s peaceful, and now and again you glimpse a Big Sister swimming around. They sure are graceful for such killing machines. Schools of fish swimming around ruins. It’s my favorite place.

So pretty! I could wander here forever, but I have things to do!

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Shattered Soldier

I’ve already written about Akira Yamaoka’s music for the Silent Hill series. It comes as no surprise that he’s best-known for his work on that series. I have to admit though, much as I love those collaborations with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Joe Romersa, Silent Hill was not my first exposure to his music, nor is it my favorite. For me, it’s his soundtrack to Contra: Shattered Soldier, composed with Sota Fujimori.

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Kaylan Continues to Get Lost and Name Little Sisters

Where we last left off, I had saved as I entered Dionysus Park and some dude named Stanley Poole is wanting to cut me some sort of deal. Basically, I began thinking, “I don’t trust you. You’re a bad person.” While wandering around I discovered a diary that helped ease some confusion for me. There is some dude named Mark, and he has a daughter named Cindy who seems to have become a Little Sister and he wants to rescue her. So, mystery solved. Now I can calm down because I did not make that up. After finding Poole locked away, I decide I hate him even more because he wants me to “deal with” the Little Sisters in exchange for train safe passage. Why? Because they can send memories to Lamb. Memories of what, though, I began to wonder as I wandered. This area is where I run into Houdini Splicers. My thoughts: fuck them I hate them.

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Kaylan’s Adventures Through Rapture as a Mysterious and Weird Looking Big Daddy

kaylan one

While waiting for Bioshock 2 to download, I restarted Bioshock Infinite just to pass the time, not realizing this was a horrible idea. Why? Because the controls are backwards, and instead of firing weapons/plasmids sometimes I just fucking scroll through the options. WHICH IS HORRIBLE IN A PINCH. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest let’s go through my progress thus far.

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OMG OMG Nug Alert (AKA The Best Thing Ever)


Nugs, not drugs. (Or nugs AND drugs. Just be careful.)

SPOILER. Don’t look at the images below if you don’t want your face to explode from the cutest thing that ever happened in Thedas.

I’m warning you.

I’m serious.

Hold on to your face.

Here goes.


He’s a nug. With a saddle. You can ride him.

battle nug

Look at his face.


battle nug front

Big Daddy Love


Would you kindly take a moment to let me get something off my chest?

I’ve been replaying BioShock and have come to the conclusion that I hate killing Big Daddies. Not because of the difficulty (though I won’t lie, it’s never been my strong point), and even before Burial At Sea made it troublingly heart-wrenching; I just always found them to be endearing and sad.

 Big Daddy has a lumbering gentleness when it comes to the Little Sisters. I’m awkwardly protective of the Little Sisters myself; I could never bring myself to harvest them. The relationship between the two fascinated me—something so large and potentially dangerous following a giggling child around like a lap-dog. It felt weirdly hopeful. In this world of violence, bathed in psychosis and blood, I admired their bond. Sometime I found myself stalking them, hiding just out of sight to watch their interactions. Sure, Mr. Bubbles is dangerous, but not towards Little Sister. JUST THE FACT THAT SHE CALLS HIM MR. BUBBLES. Her mourning when he has fallen, “Please get up, Mr. Bubbles! Please!

 I can’t even… Ugh.

 Fighting with Big Daddy is the hardest battle I’ve faced in any game. As I write this I’m currently downloading BioShock 2, which I’ve never played (late to the game, so to speak). I am pretty excited to see Rapture through the viewpoint of a Big Daddy, especially since I won’t be the one trying to slay him.

Sweet, beautiful Kaylan is going to FREAK when she starts getting to tote around Little Sisters of her very own in BioShock 2.