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Let’s Design (a Helmet)

I am in search of a helmet design for a guard character in a comic book I am working on. My personal design process for doing a character is to rough in some panels with a general action silhouette. This way we can get a feel for the spirit of a character in the story, which serves as the initial inspiration for the costume.


As you can see, we get a view of the front and the back of the guard’s head with these panels. This is useful, because I know I’ll need to understand the helmet’s structure in the round. Already I can see that he has some sort of face mask with big bunny ears or horns, his costume is dark and robe-like, and he is looking around alertly.  I’m imagining some sort of visored animal mask.

Let’s take this as an opportunity to learn from the classic famous master examples of visored animal helmets:


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Love and Portraits

Please forgive the mushiness, dudes, and pass this one up if you’re not in the mood for some extremely self-indulgent gooeyness, ’cause I’m about to dive in headfirst.

Today is my seven-year anniversary of togetherness with this guy:

no country for old spiderman

No, not Spiderman, but the dude who’s wearing the suit. This guy:

dance magic dance

He doesn’t always wear such tight pants, but when he doesn’t, he gives me lap dances to make up for it.

lap daaaaaance, hey

He’s great and I love him a lot. The most, actually.

The thing about double artsy-fartsy people relationships, if you’re us, anyway, is that you make a lot of images/objects/stuff influenced by or directly about each other. When we first got together, he used to make drawings and paintings of me, or on me, all the time. Here are a couple of ’em: Continue reading Love and Portraits

Speaking of…


Since today is the day to talk about nakedness and Dragon Age Inquisition on Gamervescent, I am going to perform a noble public service announcement and inform you that:

IF you find Vivienne to be the most fabulous character ever to grace a video game and

IF you find Dorian to be charming and dashing and handsome and totally bone-able to a semi-disturbing level and

IF you enjoy looking at really hot real-life people and

IF you really enjoy looking at really hot real-life people get naked and simulate sex acts in high-quality feature films and

IF you would like to watch the really, r.e.a.l.l.y. hot people who provide the voices for Vivienne and Dorian be hot and naked and simulate hot naked sex in a high-quality feature film,

you should go watch Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, posthaste.

kama sutra

I know, it sounds like a tawdry Skinemax flick, but it is directed by Mira Nair and it is GORGEOUS and it is majorly feminist and it features really, really good-looking people doing sexy things in beautiful locations and then it ends TRAGICALLY and rips your ENTIRE HEART OUT and will make you CRY, so…legit good movie. Unless you don’t don’t want to cry over the pain of the hot people, then turn it off when things start getting (too) depressing.

/end mind-blowing voice acting information public service announcement

An Ode to Wario


Dear Wario,

You are a filthy slob and almost certainly a terrible pervert who shouldn’t be allowed around women or children. You’re a greedy jerk obsessed with gold, you wear complementary colors that are an eyesore with green elf shoes that don‘t match at all, you’re out of shape, you devour more garlic than any human being should (I try not to imagine the smell,) and something about your big pink nose and the mustache which grows from it makes me think you’ve got a nasty infection that won’t go away.

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A Cell Phone and the search for Leviathan

The time has come, the time is now: the return of CELL PHONE PHOTOS OF MASS EFFECT is happening!!! And I ain’t even sorry for the Insta-spam, nice people who follow me on IG; James Vega looks better than I’ve ever seen him in cell-phone-pic-of-a-TV-screen close-up.

Allow me to present a very blue soap opera in photos entitled:

Joely Shepard and the Shiny Orbs, or,

What Jennifer Saw in the Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 2.42.18 PM

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