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Dramaturgy: BioShock Infinite


Note: I’m not 100% sure if I’m using the term “dramaturgy” correctly here. I learned it from Chris Braak, who writes cool ones about stuff like Wonder Woman punching tanks and tearing George S. Patton’s guns in half for Threat Quality Press. I am using it here to indicate that I feel the plot of BioShock Infinite is flawed and talk about the ways I, personally, would go about fixing it. Is restructuring/reworking the plot of a video game a dramaturgical undertaking?

ETA: Now I know! Braak: “The word ‘dramaturgery’ is a word that I made up, it’s a portmanteu of ‘dramaturgy’ and ‘surgery,’ and refers specifically to the thing that I do when I rewrite the plot of a movie in order to correct what I perceive are either errors or just places where the idea isn’t very clear in the dramatic structure of the story.”

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Note 2: I would make an absolutely appalling video game critic, for several reasons. Firstly, my brain doesn’t really function effectively at the speed of internet. When I first play something, particularly a game I’ve been eagerly anticipating, my response is basically, “IT GAVE ME ADRENALINE FEELS, IT IS THE GREATEST THING THAT HAS EVER BEEN CREATED BY MAN!!!” Maybe I’m selling myself a little (little) short with that characterization, in hindsight some of my initial post-playthrough responses don’t come off as fangirlish as I was expecting, but the point stands. So that’s why you’re getting thoughts on BioShock Infinite now, because I’m thinking about it now.

Note 3: If you are a delicate reader, please turn back now, because my main thought on the game at this point is… Continue reading Dramaturgy: BioShock Infinite