Dragon Age Inquisition Is Just Cheese and Skeletons

I went looking around the Internet today to see if anyone else wanted to talk about how in Thedas everyone just walks around on skeletons like it ain’t no thang. I mean, characters have entire conversations in rooms with PILES of corpses in them. Can you not take that conversation next door where there aren’t any dead bodies? There’s a man who literally burned to death RIGHT THERE. His mouth is open. Did you not notice? OK.

It was during this search that I happened upon this important article about cheese and the tragic end of one individual.

Going farther into the wormhole I’ve opened, did you know that if you Google “skeleton Thedas,” you’ll get a bunch of pictures of silent film star Theda Bara and skeletons? You will. I’ll be back tomorrow with more thoughts on Dragon Age Inquisition, which has basically become my life.

theda skeleton

One thought on “Dragon Age Inquisition Is Just Cheese and Skeletons”

  1. Favorite DA:I cheese: a lonely table and chair sitting on a rocky outcropping, looking out to sea on the Storm Coast. On the table, a single delicious wedge.

    50% of the words coming out of my mouth at this point are “Dragon”, “Age”, “Inquisition”, and “Battle Nug.”

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