As of today, Thursday October 9, we have 21 days left to prepare for the best and most glorious day of the year, Halloween, and I am still trying to decide what I will wear.

Halloween is a big-ass deal in my household. For one thing, it’s almost my birthday (I squeaked over the wire and was born just after midnight, so I typically claim both Halloween and my official D.O.B. of November 1st as my own), and more to the point, my husband and I just happen to be people who like to adorn ourselves in makeup and costumes and attend raucous Dionysian dance parties while we are so attired. Neither of us are really into the zombie/monster makeup look, so characters from media we enjoy tend to figure heavily into our playing-dress-up rotation. This photo, for example, was taken shortly after we met and began dating:

Joker Lap Dance

Favorite video game characters have made appearances in the years since. In 2010, I went as Sofia Lamb from BioShock 2:

Jenn Lamb

Nobody at the party I attended knew who the hell I was supposed to be, but that’s okay. I learned how to style my hair into a sweet-ass victory roll, and an excited girl screamed, “SANDER COOOHEEEEEN!!!” at my date when he ran into the local grocery store to snatch a rose to complete his ensemble. And it was awfully fun to tear up the dance floor as Sofia Lamb and Sander Cohen, even though I still maintain it would have been perfect if he would have agreed to escort my Sofia Lamb as Andrew Ryan.

The next year we threw a video game themed Halloween party. I was an auto upholstery armored Commander Shepard. My date was the Merchant from Resident Evil 4. At some point in the evening, the Sander Cohen mask made a reappearance.


Our guests were incredible. Their costumes really demonstrated the variety of games different people are interested in playing, as different genre fans had trouble recognizing one another. We had Ken and Ryu, Lara Croft, Squall and Rinoa. The Burglar from the Sims showed up (I don’t think she stole anything); Kazooie arrived on Banjo’s back. Scorpion skulked around looking mysterious, and a very fabulous Splicer armed with a pipe came escorted by an extremely well-executed ghoul from Fallout, who scared the shit out of me when I opened the door.

The following year saw a number of video game costumes, as well. I practiced my laugh and dressed as the Great Fairy circa Ocarina of time. Despite my best efforts I wasn’t able to get my hair to levitate throughout the night, but my polygonal boobs, at least, were on point.


Skyward Sword’s Zelda danced late into the night with several Borderlands characters, and this Joker gave everybody the creeps in the absolute best way:


And then, last year, most uncharacteristically, I DIDN’T DRESS UP FOR HALLOWEEN. I spent all day watching Milla Jovovich Resident Evil movies with my best friend instead. So this year, I’m coming back. I am READY for Halloween.

Except that I’m not ready, because I don’t know what I’m going to be yet.

What are you planning to dress up as for Halloween? Got any suggestions for me? I am on a bit of a BioShock kick lately and am the proud owner of a killer Splicer mask made by one Bethany Bryan, but I don’t know…

Maybe I should dress as Christina Aguilera erroneously identified as Princess Zelda by People Magazine in 2012.

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