Humans of Rapture, Most Entertaining NPC

I interrupted these ladies in the middle of a conversation about Randian romance, and they deserve their very own post.

People of Rapture 25

Look at the blonde lady! Just look at her. Bet they kept talking after I walked away:

People of Rapture 26

“So, he got all guilty on me after we hooked up, ’cause he’s married, so I just laughed and told him,”

People of Rapture 30

“‘You’ll have me any time you wish,”

People of Rapture 29 “‘anywhere,'”

People of Rapture 27

“‘on any terms.'”

People of Rapture 31

People of Rapture 34



So, in an extremely unlikely turn of events, I now have two new Objectivist NPC best friends living in Burial at Sea-era Rapture.

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