Kaylan Continues to Get Lost and Name Little Sisters

Where we last left off, I had saved as I entered Dionysus Park and some dude named Stanley Poole is wanting to cut me some sort of deal. Basically, I began thinking, “I don’t trust you. You’re a bad person.” While wandering around I discovered a diary that helped ease some confusion for me. There is some dude named Mark, and he has a daughter named Cindy who seems to have become a Little Sister and he wants to rescue her. So, mystery solved. Now I can calm down because I did not make that up. After finding Poole locked away, I decide I hate him even more because he wants me to “deal with” the Little Sisters in exchange for train safe passage. Why? Because they can send memories to Lamb. Memories of what, though, I began to wonder as I wandered. This area is where I run into Houdini Splicers. My thoughts: fuck them I hate them.

Stand still. Just let me kill you! Stop turning into red mist, jerk.

After finding and rescuing my first Little Sister of the area, Coraline, Eleanor does her weird eye telepathy thing and shows me what Poole is scared of. He threw tooooo many parties and spent all of Lamb’s money and flirted with one too many girls. Now I really dislike him. Not because he’s a party animal or that weird drunken braggart at the party throwing around money like an asshole, but because he did the crime and refuses to do the time.


A diary tells me I was once called “Johnny Topside” and that Stan the Drag was once jelly of me. For some reason I can suddenly no longer access my weapons. I don’t know why. I bet it was the Gene Splicer. I forgot to read what it did. So I wander around with just a drill. Eventually, I confirm my suspicions when I find a Gene Bank and remove that crutch because I’m not that good at this.

I find an icebox in a room filled with bots. After destroying or hacking them I start going to town melting ice for goodies. Here is where I find the best thing. I find Schrodinger the kitty under some ice.

Hi, Kitter/clever joke. Thanks for the lolz.

What’s even more clever about this frozen kitty is nothing you can do will make that ice shatter. Believe me I tried out of sheer curiosity. I wonder if that’s what got this kitty frozen: curiosity. So this is where I spent a good amount of time wondering if the cat was frozen in suspended animation due to the freezing and is technically alive, or is it just a dead frozen cat? Eventually I realized I have spent too long with the kitty, so I move on.

After I rescue my newest sister I name Harley, I get another flashback that confirms I was right to dislike Stan the Man. This dude sold a child to a foster home because she was going to tell on his party habits. Becoming the catalyst that led Eleanor to be changed into a Little Sister herself. I begin to start dreaming of ways I wish I could murder him. I also got a new present for my diligent work of saving the babies. I was at the right angle this time to even see the little thing place the teddy bear into the garden for me. <3 <3

Thanks, babies!!! Kaylan sure does love prezzies.

In this teddy bear is a new plasmid that sounds like it gives me the option to yell at my adopted kid. What the fuck? I mean, that’s helpful and all but “Demanding Father”?  I want a “Gives Cookies for Fast Work” plasmid. I’m a loving Daddy, after all. WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, RAPTURE? This is also the area I learn I can only carry $600 at a time. What a weird cut-off number. I imagine it’s because my wallet gets so full that it is super uncomfortable to, like, sit down or something.

So the last Little Sister of this level, for some reason, is super hard for me to track down. I was lost in the theater for about an hour following whale noises that kept leading me to Sisterless Big Daddies. Nothing is sadder in Rapture than a Big Daddy without a Little Sister. Eventually, I find Hildie and adopt her. All the while, Spider Splicers are scaring the ever living hell out of me while teaming up with those stupid Houdini Splicers. Everyone wants a Little Sister, but they have bad intentions.

Sometimes memes are the best way to sum things up.
 So, of course after Hildie is rescued, I hear the familiar shriek of a Big Sister and another terrible Stan flashback. I back myself in a corner and defend myself from her attacks while I yell at my television, “I’VE SAVED ENOUGH BABIES FOR YOU TO GET IT BY NOW. WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!” Along with some compliments like, “Damn you’re cool looking”  and some “Girl, you do got skillz.” Of course she couldn’t hear me and died without knowing how I really felt. Damn it. Wish I could communicate it to her. Though I doubt she’d listen. I then googled Big Sister images. I wish I hadn’t. THANKS, INTERNET!
I agree. Why does this exist? DON’T SEXUALIZE MY BABIES.
 Now I learn that Stan is the douche who made me what I am. Normally I would turn the other cheek… but NOPE. If it was just about me, maybe. But, Stan, you hurt little children and tried to convince me into killing my babies soooo you gots to go. While I try to conduct my revenge I fall into a hole and get stuck for a good while :(. Then I felt really dumb when I find my way out. It is really easy to get l out of that hole. Good thing. I thought I was trapped for, like, 20 minutes…ugh….
I listen to his diary. Gor a moment I feel sorry for him. I then almost kill him. But at the last moment when I have my gun execution style to his head, I realize I don’t want to be the monster Lamb wants me to be. Sorry, Eleanor. I can’t kill him. I board the train headed to Fontaine Futuristics.

Till next time. Later, dudes.

Kaylan cannot be the monster Lamb wants her to be.

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    1. I just saw this. And almost cried. So much love 💚
      Also playyyyy it
      I’m on a renegade route I started today and named my dude Dick Shepard

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