Kaylan Finishes BioShock 2: IT WAS MY FAVORITE

The thrilling conclusion to Kaylan’s BioShock 2 Play Diary!! Need to catch up? Check out Part 1Part 2Part 3.

I thought I had gotten lost in the ocean, but I hadn’t I was just a silly goose; finally I checked my map after too embarrassingly long to admit. Once I got back on track I placed my key in the AirLock Access Plant and realized I had found the ACTUAL secret base. Now I’m not so disappointed. I take back everything I said last time about the hiding skills. Immediately I find a diary revealing more shitty parenting by Sofia Lamb. I don’t understand how you could experiment on your own baby. I mean, I’m just saying. The similarities between Eleanor Lamb and Elizabeth Comstock are interesting. Both of these poor girls were basically abused by their parental figures for a “Greater Good,” a “Utopia,” and that is fucked up. Also they were raised by bonded half-man-half-machine creatures. Songbird and Delta seem to care more for the wellbeing and survival of these two women more than their parents even cared to attempt.

There is love here.
There is love here.

I mean, it’s kind of fitting that Lamb is keeping Eleanor in a Prison Hospital, considering she’s always treated her daughter like a captive instead of her child. I wonder does she even love her? Does anyone else ever wonder these things when they play games? If she does love her, does she just love her ideals more? HEARTFUCKINGBREAKING.

I can't even.
I can’t even.

I spend a bit of time checking out the view from the tube bridge in Persephone. Watching the fishes helps me get my mind back in the game and away from the horrible parenting skillz. In my opinion Rapture is a more beautiful place than Columbia, even with all the decay. In its prime it was GORGEOUS. Burial at Sea showed its glory and it was wonderful. I really wish I could:

1.) live there minus Splicer craziness

2.) play more in that world.

I want to wake up, put on beautiful clothes, give people resting bitch face all day and stare at motherfucking whales. UGH LIFE IS NOT FAIR.
I want to wake up, put on beautiful clothes, give people resting bitch face all day and stare at motherfucking whales. UGH LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

Anyhoo, I got off track. So after the tubes and mind wandering Lamb seems to pity me. She seems remorseful that I’m in the dark somewhat. But for what reason I don’t know. Also, did I miss the Mark and Cindy part? Was that really not as important as I thought it might be? It was such a similar story—Daddy looking for child—that I was so engrossed. I hoped more would come of it. I find a diary of Sinclair’s and he seems more shady than ever. This detention facility was his idea. Also the lack of Splicers attacking always makes me way more nervous. It’s funny how sometimes you wish they would leave you to explore, but when they’re absent it’s more haunting and uncomfortable.

Eventually I make it to Eleanor and can’t help but think Elizabeth had a better quarantine. At least she had anything she wanted. Eleanor is just sleeping on this cot in a small room. I battle two Big Sisters; I’ve given up trying to reason with them. Just freezing and launching rockets. Afterward Lamb is a total jerk and stops Eleanor’s heart, calling her a monster. HEY LADY, YOU DID THIS OKAY.

I hate you, Sofia Lamb. But I still like yo style.
I hate you, Sofia Lamb. But I still like yo style.


You know, except for not having a Big Daddy to protect me and junk. Well at least now I know Eleanor’s room is slightly bigger than I first thought, but still. This is not okay. Oh. I have to make her a Big Sister. Is it bad that I’m jealous she’s going to look cooler than me? This area is really pretty. I guess being hidden, Lamb was able to keep it inhabitable. Who maintains this shit, though? The feature that allows you to gather as a Little Sister is pretty awesome. Through a Little Sister’s eyes the angels are so elegant…until you begin to gather, then you see the real horror. The eviscerated corpses, ugh. The statues around this area depict a history of my travels through the game. I wonder if they change based on the choices you make. Would Statue Me be holding Grace so gently? Or holding hands with Stan? Oh crap, did I make Eleanor go bad when I killed Gil?? I’m worried now. Eleanor informed me that my actions have molded her. Can she tell the difference between murder and mercy? You know what’s awesome? Turning Eleanor into a Big Sister and having her fight with me.

Lamb doesn’t seem to be a fan; she wants to be buried as a family. Maybe, lady, if you had loved your child and taken care of her and not done horrendous experiments we could LIVE as a family. Too bad.

Oh. Sinclair. You’re a Delta now. I guess he wasn’t so bad. I’m sorry I never trusted you, Sinclair. After an hour I finally found how to get to the docking platform. Using the map was the worst idea. Battling through pediatrics, the docking area was super intense. Thank goodness for Eleanor! I taught her mercy. I was a good Big Daddy. She isn’t a monster and we have a large family now. Just a Big Daddy, about 20 Little Sisters, and a Big Sister. I call that a win over all.

But seriously, what about that Mark dude? And Cindy? I had to have missed something.

She really does favor Elizabeth. YAY FOR MERCY! YAY, I’M A GOOD CONSCIENCE!
She really does favor Elizabeth. YAY FOR MERCY! YAY, I’M A GOOD CONSCIENCE!

Wait, I realized after I wrote this that my character died, so it’s just Eleanor and the Lil’ Sisters as a big happy family. She isn’t a monster, and she has a large family now. I might be dead, but I still love them all. WIN.

Next up: Kaylan’s Mass Effect diaries.

One thought on “Kaylan Finishes BioShock 2: IT WAS MY FAVORITE”

  1. I believe lamb loves Eleanor, I means she might have held her captive but she did things to protect her as well. I think lamb gets caught up with the world of rapture I mean Suchung was the 1st doctor to make the connection of the big daddy to the little sisters. He just had lambs help, he believed having them linked together severed a great purpose. ( which oddly enough I feel that Fontaine and Suchung could have been the same person, cause Fontaine did mention in the 1st one that he had so many identities that he was even a Chinese doctor once.) ok off that topic, I must agree I have always been a bigger fan of rapture then Columbia. You can’t reason with a creature that only knows how too obey, remember a man chooses a slave obeys and that is exactly what a big sister is a slave. As far as what you see when you look the through the eyes of the little sister it is not reality is the image that is through there eyes and the effects of the atom. They see a beautiful place what rapture use to be when in realty it is a terrible place over runned by splicers. I agree that it is fucked up that they choose to do this to there child for there “Utopia”, but also keep in mind would you harm one to save or make a million better or would you let the million fall for the sake of one? I think lamb loves her she could have killed her to destroy you but instead just dropped her heart rate to almost nothing to try to separate the bond between them. I hope I helped with the knowledge know and the love I have for this game, to answer all your questions with the expectation of “Mark” which was previously answered. Hate to read this is the ending but all 3 have been a awesome read.

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