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“These Elves Look Cool,” Kaylan’s Dragon Age Epic Part 2

Previously: Kaylan’s Dragon Age Epic Part 1

old tree dude

A Conversation with My Brother, Drew:

K: “I’m an elf!”

D: “You look like Morrigan’s mom”

K: 🙁 “My hair is pretty, not stringy… Anyhow I am a elf!”

D: “Dalish?”

K: “No I’m a city elf. I lived in the city, I’ve never met one of those [Dalish elves].”

D: “Why would you do that?!”

K: “What? Why wouldn’t I? Anyhow I think I’m going to go see the Dalish first and see what the hubbub is about… Also, I saved a dog’s life and he loves me now!”

D: “Good choice I went there first too. Also I started out with a dog and saved your dog just out of kindness cause I already had a dog.”

K: ^what


These elves [Dalish elves] look cool.

thanks, Kaylan

There you go again saying “werewolves.” Is this serious? Oh. It is. And they are super smart werewolves. Great.

Witherfang isn’t a very intimidating name. “Wither Fang” … “witherfang” … Yep. Nope.

Cammen is a stalker. So I took him behind the bushes. HAHAHHAHA MORRIGAN APPROVES +2 thanks girl.

Sarel is a jerk. A big ol’ jerk. I don’t think you’re not a jerk now even though you’re telling a kids’ tale. I do like stories. I am not forgiving you though; I’m just here for the yarn.

oh, my stories aren’t good enough. Hrrrumph! Tell me about the damn forest.

“Witherfang,” LOL it will never not be funny.

awwwhhh yeah got Cammen and his girl together.

Halla-deer-things are pretty. I hope I can help this one so it doesn’t die.

“Swiftrunner” is also not scary. Though yup, that is definitely a werewolf.

Ran around for half an hour in stealth hearing danger music and nothing ever attacks me. Take off stealth, GIANT PLANT BEAST ATTACKS

Werewolf wife is sad.

…aaaaaand I killed her. Sorry 🙁

What? I’m back at the beginning?? Balls.

Just noticed I can make out with Alistair anywhere I want, basically. Utilizing this.

So lost. So damn lost. One day I’ll figure out this forest.

Decided while I was lost to run around as my dog. I peed on some hermit’s tent, then I murdered and stole from him!

I found this old tree dude. Are the trees that attacked me rabid like the werewolves that are assaulting me? Cause the other ones I can talk to and kinda reason with. This old tree has loooooong fingers. He’s neat looking, I wish he could see better. Poor ol’ rhyme tree. Why doesn’t he know why the werewolves can get the trees to protect them? WHY DOES HE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS?! Did the werewolves forget about him and/or never approach him about joining them? Did they just get the right amount of tree help? “Well, we have 10,005,678,923 trees now, sooo let’s just not ask old blind tree”


An acorn. Are you serious?? It better be magical. Actually, nope; don’t care, I’ll find the acorn. That’s the easy route. No questions.

Oh wait, that’s easy! I had the acorn already. Where did I get that? HOW DO I KEEP MISSING STUFF WHILE PLAYING GAMES? Like… I am playing it, experiencing stuff…am I blacking out?! Or maybe it’s when my dogs get jealous and demand attention during cutscenes.

Uh, whose campsite is this?

More making out with Alistair in a creepy campsite. Dude legit never turns down a makeout sesh. I wonder if you could do it too much and the game freaks?

Oh hell no, this abandoned campsite is too nice and Alistair is like, “I don’t ever wanna go”

This is a trap. You’re not Hotel California-ing me!

I looked at the fire. Goddamn it, I’m dead.

Reload. blah blah blah elder tree dude the werewolves didn’t want. Blah blah OH I GOT THE ACORN FROM THE HERMIT! 🙁 But now I gotta do all of that all over again. Stupid fire. Stupid tent.

Yup that camp was a trap.

Going through the barrier, thanks tree!

Man, werewolves are terribly unreasonable.

Disturbing graves everywhere I go!

Found a scared ghost boy, he ran away from me. My game is auto saving…something big is about to happen!

Whoa, this tree lady looks neat.


uhhhhh, uhhhh… that story was horrific… Uhhhh, so wait the werewolves…? Uhm, I…

Like, I don’t think the curse should be around but… Uhhhh, the stuff that happened to Zathrian’s kids… But… ugh, this is a toughie. But these werewolves weren’t a part of the original sin! I’m gonna try for peace on both sides.

BOOM! Cured everyone.

SUH-WEET, elven allies!

fffffffff I just remembered that I killed that werewolf lady. She coulda been cured. 🙁

I comforted her husband, I think? Ugh, I’m terrible. I had forgotten about that.

Alistair gave me a flower and I got make a plant pun/innuendo; life is okay.

Sarel, you’re still a hateful jerk.

Going back to camp! Check back later.

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  1. Just wait until you watch Alistair kill an ogre. (I think it was an ogre? It’s been a long time.) I kept our PDA to a minimum until that started happening. Then my character couldn’t keep her hands off ‘im.

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