“Leliana Sings Forever,” Kaylan’s Dragon Age Epic Part 3

Previously: Kaylan’s Dragon Age Epic Part 1, Part 2

Leliana is batshit, but that is pretty entertaining. She’s like the easiest ex to get along with.


— Man she has been singing for like, ever. Stop it. This is a really long song. It was for real three minutes… What… No… Why?

I made popcorn while you sang.

GAH why won’t Alistair sleep with me. I’ve done like 50 makeouts.

GOT IT DONE! Laid and yet still not tied down quite yet, ha

Leliana and I had a lovely conversation about how much we both love shoes! 

Knight Commander Greagoir doesn’t have much faith in me or the mages.

Found the mages, gonna try and see if I can build a bridge between them and Greagoir.

So many rooms, so many treasures! This place [the Circle Tower] is amazing!

Oh man, this demon lady. She is fantastic I looooove the horns.

So I let her live. Hopefully I won’t regret that. But she was so cool!

oh what who is the sandman demon

Why does everything look weird

Damn it. [At this point, apparently, Käylæn has entered the Fade.]

Yeah there is Duncan; this can’t be good.

So I’m in this neat Fade area looking for my friends. This demon trap is pretty clever.

Hey thanks mouse! Your sacrifice will not be in vain.


The Fade Sloth Demon quest was cool. I really enjoyed the shape shifting and exploration.

— I don’t understand wtf Niall was talking about. Like, he said he had been in too long and he’d be all gross corpsey but real talk, I saw him at the feet of the Sloth Demon and he looked like he’d been asleep ten minutes. What. Why wouldn’t I tell him?! Way to just give up dude.


I think I found that Cullen dude Jenn said to look out for. His name is Cullen and he is a Templar who totes hates mages. And is mad at me cause I’m like, “let’s at least try and save everybody”

Whoa, that mage dude [Uldred] was evil.

Man, Cullen hates mages.

Booyah, I’mm’a friend of the Circle and Templars! Doing it right!

Even though he had no faith in me to begin with, I like Greagoir.

Found Zevran. Heading back to camp to talk.

7 thoughts on ““Leliana Sings Forever,” Kaylan’s Dragon Age Epic Part 3”

  1. Oh man, but if you play as a mage (as I did my first time through) he actually has a cute little crush on you but has to pine in vain because mages and templars can never be together AGH and then is scarred forever because the demons torment him with images of you during his tower captivity.
    It’s kind of awesome in a horrible twisted way.

    1. Jesus.

      Totes doing that one day. I mean I still have six characters I’m playing and if tales of zestria isn’t here by the time I’m done
      This is a. Serious possibility

      Because if I redo origins as a Mage
      I can do da2 and have my brother Carver who hates me yayyayay

      1. I totally did the Mage play through and sexually harassed cullen till he ran away from me. THAN when he admitted his fantasy in the weird Mage bubble I picked the option to be like “look I’m real, bet you wished you had kept that secret to yourself hmmm”

        Also I made in DA2 Carver LOVE ME
        We became an amazing sibling twin. He’s my favorite
        I will never not be a Mage in my DA2 playthroughs because I can’t not have Carver and his weird obsession with Fenris and Hate for Sebastian and more so Anders HAHAHAHAH I love him (he also is ballin’ good with the wicked burns)

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