Kaylan’s Adventures Through Rapture as a Mysterious and Weird Looking Big Daddy

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While waiting for Bioshock 2 to download, I restarted Bioshock Infinite just to pass the time, not realizing this was a horrible idea. Why? Because the controls are backwards, and instead of firing weapons/plasmids sometimes I just fucking scroll through the options. WHICH IS HORRIBLE IN A PINCH. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest let’s go through my progress thus far.

After watching myself commit suicide and resurrect ten years in the future, I start to meander around Rapture. I like to read, so I read EVERYTHING. This makes progressing through a bit slow. I’m also really into finding stuff so I enter every room, sometimes multiple times because even on the smallest map I get lost. Sometimes I just idly stare at the posters of Sophia Lamb and get jealous I have never successfully created a victory roll, and her hair is on point. She’s awful but dammmmmmnnnn guuurrrl, that style. I decide I don’t trust Sinclair. Though I have to, to a point, since he’s giving me my objectives.

Oooh, I get it now. Jenn is always on point.

After much control fail and wanderlust, I eventually make my way into adopting my first Little Sister. I named her Autumn. She was super cute. We found the Angels together, and I apologized for having to kill her original Daddy. Eventually I shove her into a vent and SAVE HER because we love one another and I already killed her Daddy…. so I refuse to kill her. This is when I meet my first Big Sister. Initial thoughts were “Man, you look cooler than me”  along with “WHY ARE YOU MAD AT ME? I DIDN’T HURT HER!” After putting the beautifully insane thing down, I move on.

Now I have to go find Grace Holloway. Along the way I save two more Little Sisters (Willow and Lenore) and apologize to the dead Daddies. Spend ten minutes wondering if my mom could make me one of those adorable Thuggish Splicer Dresses and getting crazy lost. When I find Grace she’s spitting mad, and I’m just like, “Look, lady, all I want is that override thingamuhbob and a diary.” She keeps harassing me until I walk out on her. I AM NOT ABOUT TO KILL A LONELY OLD WOMAN WHO IS UNARMED AND MOURNING HER LIFE’S REGRETS. I mean we both just want to find Eleanor after all.

Listen, I like your gumption and your cane. I’m not going to shoot you, okay? Don’t act so damn surprised.
 Also, this is the area where I spent half an hour seeing what weapons could mash butterflies. Turns out BUTTERFLIES AREN’T SCARED OF DRILLS. But machine guns work well. Then, I spend another ten minutes cursing myself because I’m out of ammo and I need to scavenge for more. I wander off to Siren Alley.
This is the area where I learn I cannot adopt multiple sisters at one time and spend a good minute running around killing Splicers who are trying to hurt new Little Sister, Josephine, while Jacqueline squeals about an Angel whilst piggybacking me. Luckily, I was near a vent, said goodbye to Josie, and adopted Jack. That was a roller coaster of a moment, let me tell you. We find all our Angels. I came up with a method to harvesting: ALWAYS have two drones and throw fire at approaching splicers. This seems to work well. So far, only Splicers have died during a gathering expedition. When putting Jack into her vent, I think I see a Daddy-less Sister and try and grab her. Turns out, I’m just finally at an angle to see a Sister enter a vent. I stand there by my lonesome contemplating what an idiot I am. Sad I didn’t recognize her.
This made me feel a bit better because I thought I was just shoving them in.
 I kill Big Daddy number three and kidnap/adopt Jodi ( yes, I have named all my Little Sisters and will continue to do so. We have a bond. STOP JUDGING ME). I find her a vent and have a plan as soon as I hear the shrieks of Big Sister. That plan was the best plan. I put my back against the wall and just continuously set her on fire and riddle her body with bullets from my machine gun. Oddly, I feel no remorse. Mostly because I AM HELPING. The Little Sisters gave me a teddy bear because they know I am helping. I can’t reason with Big Sister. Also, in this area is where I found the Little Sister Orphanage, and let me tell you that, even in its prime, I am pretty sure it was just government group home housing. That made me really angry for no real reason.
 I think I killed some dude named Daniel, but I dunno… WHAT I DO KNOW IS I GET TO THIS CHAPEL, AND SPIDER SPLICERS ARE EVERYWHERE. SIMON WALES IS MAD, SO I MUST HAVE. I die a bunch. I wasn’t prepared. I beat him, think I’m home free, and that Lamb lady floods everything.
While I was in this part of the game, I found the CREEPIEST diary. It was from a small boy named Billy. He had to have been six. This diary made me so uncomfortable and sad. I hope he got to see her again and waved at her and she knew it was him. They waved at each other, and it was all adorable… I doubt it.

Now I’m on the way to Dionysus Park to save Sinclair who I still don’t trust and am not quite sure I want to save him, but what can you do? Oh yeah, also I’m pretty sure there is some dude named Mark and he’s looking for his daughter Cindy?!?! I’m not quite sure about this storyline all I know is I kept thinking Eleanor was Cindy and that no one really knew her name… But I’m now pretty sure there is another storyline going on here that I’m just not paying enough attention to.

But I’m off to continue my journey. I’ll check back in with more game time progress fun. Laterzzzzzz…

Dude, seriously. Your design is wayyy less imaginative, sorry. Not Sorry.

Kaylan is off adventuring in Rapture. 

4 thoughts on “Kaylan’s Adventures Through Rapture as a Mysterious and Weird Looking Big Daddy”

  1. . I do have to say this was awesome read and cant wait to hear more about your adventure. I must ask though are you writing this as the prospective of the 1st time you went through or is this your 2nd go around? Also I am with you when it comes to looking allover the place, at the posters, the items you could collect, and out those beautiful windows. I have always admired the world of rapture from its being to its beautiful destruction. I wasn’t sure at 1st as I was reading and seeing all the little sisters names I new I didn’t recognize the names, but I loved that you gave them one. Each sister was very special and deserved to be treated as such. When it came to grace I didn’t by into her sob story of her life regrets. I let her live too not for her story, but for the fact that she didn’t harm me. When it came to harvesting the little sisters I set traps around the area and then just fire away .As for billys diary I only found it creepy, because of the shaking in his voice and thought it was sweet when he said she was pretty. But I’m sure he was problem one of the many splicers you have already killed.

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