Kaylan’s Mass Effect Diary Part 4: The End

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sad garrus is sad

And all good things must come to an end… (until replay, anyway)

We saved the Citadel from Reaper attack, rescued the Council, worked with Cerberus, befriended the Geth, united the races, and even had a party on shore leave (that got a little out of hand). We accomplished so much together! The end has come upon us; we’ve lost friends along the way. I beat Kai Leng to death with my bare hands in vengeance. I refused to waste a thermal clip on him.

And now we’ve made our way to Earth. Here are my thoughts on saying goodbye to everyone, in raw form:

  • Joker, my grouchy buddy! No frowns, we’ve accomplished so much! Your brittle bones didn’t give out when the Normandy blew up and you were thrown around… You healed.. You found love… You’ve been a hero and a friend… See you soon.. …Hopefully.

  • James, much like Bevers in Broad City you are the worst and best friend; just try to learn when you need to go home. Because when this is over you can’t be lurking in my gym dude.

  • Kaidan: a desperate ex ’til the end. (You broke up with me, I moved on. You should too, it’s getting sad.)

  • Grunt— all the tears… I just hatched you not too long ago… My baby

  • Jack you beautiful fearless warrior I love you more that you found love in teaching

  • Cortez, thank you for being a friend. You thought I was helping you, but we helped each other. Your love for Robert … I … No words

  • Kasumi you always made me smile; even in the face of death you exude confidence and promises of future laughs. Thanks for being the life of the shore leave party.

  • Miranda, it was rocky. But. When this is over let’s finally breathe and be friends.

  • blah blah blah Jacob… Samara …

  • Victus you are a good man and true to your word. Thank you. But I have to go, I hear my love and I … Oh dear I don’t want you to notice my tears

  • oh Garrus I love you! But this is not the right time to mention spawning. This is hard … I keep standing by, I don’t want to tell you I’m worried that this game is going to kill me… And this is it… I hope I didn’t lie to you… Okay ….I have to keep moving forward (please make it)

  • Liara sorry I don’t like you. I think you were forced onto me a little too aggressively. But don’t die … Okay? I’ve lost so many friends now.

  • Javik your admiration of Wrex is your saving grace, ya pretentious jerk. Do you really need to insult people by talking about how they were just appetizers to you?

  • Wrex my champion! My best friend! — my heart can’t handle — I wish Mordin could see you leading, you’re magnificent. He would have sung for you. Can you hear it? “I am the very model of a scientist Salarian… I’ve studied species turian, asari and batarian. I’m quite good at genetics (as a subset of biology) Because I am an expert (which I know is a tautologeeeeeee”)  Wrex, don’t die old friend… Live to teach baby Mordin to sing.

  • Tali *hugs* god Tali I can’t  … Uuuuhhhh “emergency induction tube”

    It’s been an honor Tali’Zorah vas Normandy, a gah dammmm HONOR.

  • EDI, oh sweet EDI, thank you for saving us, thank you for loving Joker in your own way. Thank you for coming to me for advice, and for your dark humor. Thank thank thank you.

  • Anderson you tough ol’ man! I’m so proud of you and your survival skillz!!! Good Luck, Sir. *salute*

  • Pull it together, Kennedy, it’s 11:15 AM, you cannot be sobbing on your couch

Pressing forward, I battled through the Reapers and found my way to the Catalyst… where I watched my mentor die. Yay…..

(I am not crying, I am a strong warrior).

The Illusive Man, I murder. And then I face the child who LITERALLY HAUNTS MY DREAMS. We review the options… the only option I understand is the one in which I save my friends. The price is breaking a promise. I am so sorry, Garrus; I won’t be meeting you at the bar. You’ll have to move on without me. I’ve chosen Synthesis. How could I destroy the Geth when Legion showed me such kindness and HIS last words: Keelah se’lai. Peace be with you. How could I choose to destroy those who came to work with us, fighting for their lives as well? How could I destroy EDI?? Joker would be heartbroken. I couldn’t chance a world of more loss…

I chose synthesis. I followed the path of my favorite character, Mordin, and chose them above myself.

And. It. Was. Beautiful. The Illusive Man, with all his crazy, was right! Evolution was the right choice, but not control. I SAW BABY MORDIN, A BABY KROGAN!!! EDI gained humanity. I saw unity.

I proudly joined my friends in memoriam. I saw hope. I was not forgotten; I just went to watch from elsewhere, becoming a story passed down through generations.

Now take a moment with me.

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