Let’s Make a Skyrim Potion: Restore Health!

Here’s how I made a unique cocktail fit for a true Dovahkiin. Warning: it’s preeeetty potent.

Restore Health

[Ed.: I served as a taste tester for this potion, and can assure you that it is incredibly delicious and also knock-you-on-your-ass level alcoholic. To your good health!]

Visualizing & Conceptualizing the Project

I wanted to make an alcoholic “restore health” potion using the actual ingredients used in Skyrim’s alchemy system, and something that I actually would drink happily, as well. I wanted it to be original, strong, and not too sweet.

In order to decide what to use, I wrote down everything that makes the ‘restore health’ potion.


There is a common ingredient: fungi! How cool and funky would it be to use mushroom in a cocktail? Fresh mushroom is too mild and retains too much moisture. Using dried mushroom that is full of unique aroma seems like a no-brainer.

As much as I would love to add a Daedra Heart, harsh reality tells me that nobody would want to drink that. So I HAVE TO settle with the next best thingblue mountain flower. Any edible blue flower can be used, and that gives me a lot of leverage.

This is everything you need for Alchemy Part One:

ingredients for infusing

  • Distilled water
  • Vodka
  • Clean glass jar with lid
  • Blue mountain flower (begonia)
  • Imp stool (dried oyster mushroom)

Once again, you can use any edible blue flower in this, and same goes for the mushroom. I originally wanted rosemary but I couldn’t find any and didn’t want to wait months to grow it. Luckily, I found a pot of begonia at a local garden store. My blue mountain flower (begonia) has a citrus-sour taste. However, it contains oxalic acid, so if you suffer from gout, kidney stones, or rheumatism then this is not the right blue mountain flower for you. My imp stool (oyster mushroom) is mild, woodsy, and earthy. If you can’t find dried oyster, substitute with shitake, candy pop, porcini, or chanterelle.

Alchemy Part 1: Infusing Vodka with “Active” Ingredients 

1thru41. Inspect dried imp stool for any impurities.

2. Cut blue mountain flower heads and rinse with distilled water. Lightly pat dry. A little dampness is okay.

3. Combine 2 oz. mushroom, 1 oz. flower, and 1 cup vodka in a jar.

4. Seal and leave in a cool, dark place for 3-5 days.

Alchemy Part 2: Adding Non-Active Ingredients 

5thru85. Have clean bottles (or martini glasses) ready. I got these from Michaels.

6. Decorate potion bottles with twine and masking tape.

7. This is the infused vodka after 3 days.

8. Strained infused vodka so it is ready to use. It can be refrigerated and kept for a week.


9. Introducing two additional ingredients: pomegranate juice and orange bitter.

10. In a shaker, add ice and pour 1 part infused vodka.

11. Add 2 or 3 parts pomegranate juice to get that Daedra Heart color and a few dashes of orange bitter to taste.

12. Shake and pour into the bottle (or glass) using a funnel.


Gulp it down and you are ready to slay another dragon!


Hannah Haein Lee is an Arch-mage.

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