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Love and Portraits

Please forgive the mushiness, dudes, and pass this one up if you’re not in the mood for some extremely self-indulgent gooeyness, ’cause I’m about to dive in headfirst.

Today is my seven-year anniversary of togetherness with this guy:

no country for old spiderman

No, not Spiderman, but the dude who’s wearing the suit. This guy:

dance magic dance

He doesn’t always wear such tight pants, but when he doesn’t, he gives me lap dances to make up for it.

lap daaaaaance, hey

He’s great and I love him a lot. The most, actually.

The thing about double artsy-fartsy people relationships, if you’re us, anyway, is that you make a lot of images/objects/stuff influenced by or directly about each other. When we first got together, he used to make drawings and paintings of me, or on me, all the time. Here are a couple of ’em:

with extra rainbows

toats awesome brah

do whatever she says

Occasionally he even makes an appearance in one:

justin+jenn 4ever

And suddenly it’s been seven years.

Last month, in one of those brain-eating anxiety spaces where you’re grasping around for something to be worried about, I got on an approaching-30 tear of, “I’m sooooo old, nothing will eeeeeeever be the saaaaaaame, Justin and I have been together for soooooo loooong and the honeymoon is over and he never even makes DRAWINGS or PORTRAITS of me anymore and WHAT IF LOVE IS DEAD AND THE REST OF LIFE IS AN ENDLESS BLEAK GRAY WASTELAND OF NO FEELINGS, PROBABLY, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” as you do. (Given that he is primarily a photographer and takes pictures of me literally every day, this was a particularly unjustified frenzy of self-delusion, but anyway)

As I was trying to calm down and talk some sense into myself, as you do, the thought came to me, “Justin may not draw me anymore now that we are ancient and accustomed to each other and have 300% more dog children and less time than we did in the way-back days, but he still make portraits of me… in videogames!!” And so he does! Here are photos of the ones I could remember off the top of my head.

Jenn Bludgeon

Jenn Bludgeon, Dovahkiin.

Jenn Shepard

Jennifer Shepard, Vanguard, Renegade. (I had red hair then, obviously.)

jenn live

Regular day-to-day Jenn for our shared Xbox Live avatar. Sometimes I would turn on the 360 to find he had dressed her up in a different outfit he thought I would like. It was really cute.

Jenn Djinn

And most recently, Jenn Djinn Trevelyan, pro-Circle Mage (what? she likes to have meals prepared for her and a fancy tower to study in and a bunch of buff Templars around to ogle), pro-underwear as outerwear, pro-dick shaped Fade rocks. She flirts with Cullen, but I have a feeling Justin will break that relationship off before it gets too serious.

SO, love isn’t dead after all!!! Make a video game portrait of your loved one/s today, everybody; life is gorgeous and silly and amazing. I love you all, but especially you, Justin Mitchell. Happy 7 years. ♥

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  1. Just wait until you’ve been with someone for half of your life. Now that is a weird feeling! My husband and I will hit that crazy milestone next year.

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