Mass Effect: Observations

Three isolated observations from Kaylan following the publication of Kaylan’s Mass Effect Diary: Part 2. (Start from the beginning here!)

These two Krogan are having the worst day ever.
They just discovered there are no fish in the Citadel lakes.
Left Krogans is so heartbroken and now he just wants a pet fish.
Right Krogans wishes we would quit talking about fish.

Mass Effect: where disagreements about fish are important.

photo (2)


Dear Thane,

Sorry I didn’t succeed in gaining your loyalty. (Because I zoned out and let your son kill that dude.) Sorry you died on the base with the creepy Reaper skeleton fetus. But thanks for helping all the rest of us live. Maybe now that you’re reunited with your wife you abandoned in death you can stop being so depressing. Sorry I didn’t visit you much in your life support area, you kept bringing me down like whoa. Rest now.

– Kaylan K. Shepard

sad thane


Dear Kaiden [sic],

Stop looking at me like that. You’re being creepy.

P.S. Garrus is better than you

– Kaylan K. Shepard

P.P.S. STAHP, srsly




Kaylan K. Shepard got excited and launched into Mass Effect 2 immediately. Look for the next chapter of her Mass Effect Diary later today.

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