Demon Leon

Ever since the glorious mid-2000-something day night I went on an IMDb bender and learned that Bastila of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and E.E. from Metal Gear Solid 2 were voiced by the same amazingly talented person, I’ve been fascinated with voice actors. It’s always nice to hear an old friend whose voice you recognize and appreciate across franchises, but it’s really mind-blowing to come across two disparate characters with distinct voices who share…an animating force? A soul? An actor, at the very least.

Here’s the pairing I’m stuck on today: Continue reading Demon Leon

Halloween [man] Candy

Garcia Fucking HotspurI wrote about Garcia Hotspur (or Garcia, ahem, *effing* Hotspur, as he introduces himself) for Halloween Girl Talk at The Hairpin. The man is fine, the game is fun, and if you’re capable of laughing at jokes a stereotypical 13-year-old boy would enjoy, you should give Shadows of the Damned a try.

On the downside, I’ll never look at strawberries quite the same way again.

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