Sexism in Video Games at ETSUcon

"Video games are only for very cool boys," he said before being beaten to death. –Cameron Kunzelman
“Video games are only for very cool boys,” he said before being beaten to death.
–Cameron Kunzelman

The Sexism in Gaming panel did, as predicted, kick major ass! Panelist Samantha Allen wrote a brief post about it for The Border House (which I will lazily link to here, since she said everything I want to say about it and said it well), and you can listen to an audio recording of the entire discussion on YouTube (embedded below). There’s no video, but if you picture Samantha being graceful and composed, Kat as Lara Croft, Cameron looking like a bearded silent film villain, and me making a lot of extravagant hand gestures, it’ll be just like being present for the session. Go give it a listen!

4 thoughts on “Sexism in Video Games at ETSUcon”

    1. Hahaha, I actually haven’t listened to it yet myself, because of that whole what-my-voice-sounds-like-in-my-head vs. what-my-voice-sounds-like-to-everybody-else thing. Too weird!

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