All right, boys and girls, let’s all do the collective “AHHHHWWWWWW!!!!!”

1) Andre
Shadow Hearts: Covenant

This little dude, one of the bosses, is Andre. A pink, mewing, giant kitten! Do not be fooled by this puffball, Andre is kinda badass…though I would like to cuddle into that bubble gum fur.


2) Cornelius Pooka
Odin Sphere

LOOK AT IT!!! Cornelius was a human prince until he was cursed with the Pooka Curse. I myself have never been happier about such a curse! Cornelius may hate his predicament and want to return to human form, but I was rooting against it. Look at his ears! And that nose!

Cornelius Pooka


3) ilo and milo

Ilo loves Milo. Milo loves Ilo. These two best friends are heartbreakingly adorbs. They love one another so much that they will cry oceans if separated. When they cry, I want to cry.



4) Guinea Pigs
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

THEY WHEEK LIKE REAL GUINEA PIGS! THEY POPCORN! [Ed. note: Kaylan is a doting guinea pig mama, and knows of what she speaks.] They are so darn cute. I love them so much! Unfortunately, you have to watch Snake eat one of these babies. But unless you are a heartless monster who wants to kill the rest of these angels, you can enjoy watching them be presh in the game.

Lil' Piggie



5) Giza Rabbit
Final Fantasy XII

Also known as the Happy Bunny! Look at those sweet feather ears! This monster is really shy and docile, but if you are a dick and attack one, beware! Happy bunnies will summon other monsters to help them out. This darling has the power to cure itself and its allies, and is surprisingly stronger than one would assume. And we all know what happens when we make ASS-sumptions! (I crack myself up.)

Giza Rabbit


6) Pikmin
Pikmin games

They are so teeeensy! Pikmin are itty bitty destruction machines. Together they can destroy cities to create more Pikmin. If only I could have just one; one isn’t too much trouble. I would keep him in my pocket. Gimmie the one with the daisy head.


Also, this is hilarious:

Pikmin & Kitty


7) Sackboy

Sackboy doesn’t always look like Donatello, but this little buddy can be customized to your own cuteness preferences. Doesn’t get much better than that! You can change the outfits and keep turning up the cute!! He’s so adorable that PlayStation has created his own Life in LittleBigPlanet series, cutest mockumentary of all time.

Donatello Sackboy


8) Slime
Dragon Quest

Normally when one thinks of slime, they think something like, “Ugh, eww, gross, that’s terrible!” But not these dudes! They are anything but. Yeah, yeah, they are your enemies, but I can deal with these guys attacking me as long as I pretend when I’m killing them it’s actually with hugs…and not my sword. I mean, that smile. I wuvvvv it.

SlimeAlso, someone make me these cookies:

delicious slime cookies


Yay, so cute! I’m on cloud nine!

But remember, not everything in the world of gaming is cute. As a reminder:

9) Head Crab
Half-Life 2


But remember, not all headcrabs are bad! For the past ten years, whenever I’m sad I watch this to cheer up.


‘Til next time, my friends!

Kaylan Kennedy is an expert in cuteness. Previously: Key-OOOOOOOT!!!

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