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All right, boys and girls, let’s all do the collective “AHHHHWWWWWW!!!!!”

1) Andre
Shadow Hearts: Covenant

This little dude, one of the bosses, is Andre. A pink, mewing, giant kitten! Do not be fooled by this puffball, Andre is kinda badass…though I would like to cuddle into that bubble gum fur.


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Behold! The most huggable, lovable, squee-worthy things I have ever encountered in video games:

1) Tonberries
Final Fantasy V and up









What are you?! You look like an adorable turtle baby someone dressed in a monk’s robe. Waddling through caves swinging a lantern to light your way. I get all fuzzy when I see one (I’ll ignore the fact that you carry a chef’s knife with you.)


2) Fujio








One of the Prince’s cousins, he can be found hidden in the clouds. If you are lucky, you will roll him up into one of your Katamaris. His blue head is in the shape of a mountain and he rocks a mustache like no other. The only way he is can get even cuter is if you find the present containing the giraffe hat and place that atop his pointed head. Continue reading Key-OOOOOOOT!!!

Zelda loves consoles.

I was looking through old pictures of my pet tortoise, Zelda Bowser, just now, and remembered her fondness for warm video game consoles. Makes sense, given her name and frequent proximity to the things in her youth. For your enjoyment:

Zelda explores Gauntlet Legends.
Zelda scales the N64 to get a better look at Gauntlet Legends.


Zelda Wink
Zelda enjoys snoozing next to the Xbox 360’s power supply.

Hope your dreams tonight are as sweet as those of a tortoise napping with a power box!