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RE Art

God bless ResidentEvil.net‘s sweet little beautiful heart, it is utterly confounding to navigate. Yesterday, I got an itch to play some Mercenaries, recalled that I still had a ticket good for one EX3 costume, and thought it would be pretty cool to have my Sherry look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.19.03 PM

as opposed to this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.22.20 PM

or this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.22.06 PM

or this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.20.54 PM

So off to RE.net I went! And, just like the last time I attempted to unlock an EX3 skin, it took me approximately an hour just to locate the page where I could download the damn thing. I couldn’t explain how to get there from the main site if I tried, but this time I had the good sense to bookmark it so I can get there more easily the next time I earn an EX3 ticket.

With my polygonal Sherry safely downloaded, I decided to look around at some of the other goodies on the site and, since looking at other people’s sketchbooks is one of my tip-top super favorite things to do in life, I blew a bunch of my long-hoarded RE points “purchasing” pages from Resident Evil 6’s Art Director’s Notebook. The sketches absolutely delighted me, so—since I doubt many G-vescent readers have a burning desire to spend hours attempting to navigate RE.net and then spend nearly 100,000 Resident Evil 6 gameplay points you may or may not have saved up in order to earn a view of the art director’s original scribblings—I decided to post a few of them here for your viewing pleasure. Clickin’ a pic takes you to its page of origin. Enjoy! Continue reading RE Art

Halo 4: Tutorial Time

Previously, Joe Culp‘s Game Tours: Halo 4, Part 1 & Part 2

Starting off:

Environmental concept art is a type of developmental painting used in video game production as a way for painters to visualize the ideas of the creative team. If it weren’t for these great painters in the industry, then there would be no unified vision to lead the increasingly complex demands of modern level design. The production team would be doomed, dead in the water; their game would start looking cheesy and ill-designed. This would be all right if we were still in the 90s, or if a “generic fantasy anime” look was the goal, but we are dealing with 2013 AAA gaming! By now concept artists of all stripe have found an important and greatly romanticized role in the video game industry.

So, at the end of my last “game tour” of Halo 4 I said that I would take what I learned about the level design and reverse engineer some mock concept art out of it. What an absurd idea, concept art fan art! Really I just wanted to paint a laser floor.

Here is what I came up with (click for embiggening):

what I came up with Continue reading Halo 4: Tutorial Time

BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition

Mr. Bubbles

BioShooooock!! There you go gettin’ me with the cool stuff again. For $30, the BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition, which comes out on January 14 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will include BioShock, BioShock 2, and over $40 worth of add-on content.

via Kotaku, the pack will include:

  • Museum of Orphaned Concepts: Take a tour of a never-before-seen BioShock museum and view early concept art, character models and more set within the halls of Rapture.
  • Plasmids Pack: Includes four additional Plasmids and Gene Tonics—Sonic Boom, EVE Saver, Vending Expert and Machine Buster—for use in BioShock.
  • Challenge Rooms Pack: Previously exclusive to PS3™ and now available for Xbox 360 for the first time, the pack tests the player’s mettle by requiring them to utilize the skills learned while traversing the halls of Rapture to survive three separate puzzle rooms in BioShock.
  • Sinclair Solutions Tester: Contains a number of customization features that allow players to further their character’s development in BioShock 2 multiplayer modes and provides a deeper multiplayer experience.
  • Rapture Metro: Includes six additional multiplayer maps, an additional multiplayer gameplay mode and a rank increase to level 50 for BioShock 2 multiplayer.
  • The Protector Trials: Features frantic combat and fast-paced action designed to push players’ mastery of weapons and Plasmids in a BioShock 2 single-player experience spread across six maps.
  • Minerva’s Den: A substantial narrative experience that puts players in the role Subject Sigma and introduces new characters, locations and mystery to the world of Rapture inBioShock 2. Set in a new environment, Rapture Central Computing, Minerva’s Den adds a gripping new storyline to extend the BioShock 2 experience.
  • Also included, is an exclusive collectable sticker pack from BioShock Infinite’s world of Columbia to get gamers ready for the next chapter in the BioShock universe.

I cannot resist never-before-seen concept art. New environment I haven’t explored?! And STICKERS?!! They have so got my number.

If you’ve previously missed out on the magic of Rapture, January 14 would be a good time to jump in.