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MORRIGAN CAN TURN INTO A BEAR? Kaylan’s Dragon Age Epic Part 5

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Wynne now approves of my relationship.

Heading to the Circle Tower to ask the mages to help me, doo da doo da

Gonna save a stupid kid [Connor] from the demon that possesses thee, oh the doo da daaaay

Well that was easy, Irving was super agreeable

aww, found Alistair’s momma’s amulet and he’s acting so damn precious about it. “Is this the part where we start dancing? Because I’m game.” I like yo style

Jowan you are going into the Fade to right your wrongs. You said you wanted to help, so there you go.

I really like the Fade areas.

Killed dem demons. Saved the kid. Gonna have to find an urn [of Sacred Ashes]; asked them to hold off on killing Jowan. Continue reading MORRIGAN CAN TURN INTO A BEAR? Kaylan’s Dragon Age Epic Part 5

The Countdown to Dragon Age: Inquisition


What are you doing while you wait for the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition? Me? I’m waiting. And waiting. And waiting. I can’t even play other video games because all I want is Dragon Age: Inquisition, and everything else feels like a lame substitution, like when someone says, “Don’t eat that ice cream. Have this cup of plain yogurt instead to satisfy those dessert cravings.” It’s like, “SHUT UP, DOOFUS.” While we wait in the mutual agreement that waiting is a crock, let’s look at this collection of gifs you can use when someone asks you what you’re doing with your time prior to the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Mushroom Demons


Pretty much the only games I’ve played in 2014 are from two particular series: for the first half of the year I’ve been hacking through From Software’s much-acclaimed Souls series. I played through Demon’s Souls again, went straight into Dark Souls and played through it TWICE, then got my hands on Dark Souls II and slogged my way through it, slowly and painfully. Around that time, I also got a Wii U, and have been playing Mario games almost exclusively on it: Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario World, 3D World, and I most recently acquired Super Mario Bros 2.

I made a remark on Twitter as I was banging my head against the wall, trapped in the Forest of Illusion in Super Mario World, that I’d died more times in that godforsaken place than I had in 60+ hours of playtime in Dark Souls II. Then something occurred to me: there are a LOT of similarities between the Souls series and Super Mario games. Continue reading Mushroom Demons