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G-vesc pal and Paper Droids editor Megan Patterson wrote a critique of Dragon Age Inquisition fashion (specifically the Nutcrackerific ball outfit and the beige undies—remember when I thought that was a glitch? lol, if only) for The Mary Sue. I took a few screenshots for her to show off the Inquisitor’s…um, unique fashion sense, and made this glorious gif (which ended up running as a still in TMS piece) to let y’all know that even in an unflattering velvet jacket, Inquisitor Lavellan gonna let everybody know who run this joint.

WERRRRRRRRRRK, HUNTY, you work that Nutcracker outfit like the RENT! IS! DUE!


Travis Touchdown: Sartorial Role Model


I’m a fan of Suda51 and his crew at Grasshopper Manufacture. They make weird, crazy, unpolished, problematic games that are unlike anything else and I love them for it. I’ve mentioned before how Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes is not only a favorite videogame protagonist of mine, but also that I sort of base my clothing choices off of what he wears, which led one of the Gamervescent Overlords to tag that article with “Travis Touchdown: Sartorial Role Model.” I wake up laughing over that sometimes.

After going crazy with Bayonetta 2 and glasses porn, Jennifer asked me to write about Travis and fashion, so here I am. Continue reading Travis Touchdown: Sartorial Role Model

Witchy Spectacles


I spent Sunday night/all day Monday marathoning Bayonetta 2 with my friends Lauren and Hannah. I had a wonderful time, and have a lot to say about it once my brain finally recovers from the BARRAGE of SPECTACLE (my right thumb is mostly recovered from the ordeal, after four days). I thought it was incredibly fitting that we were rewarded with unlocked concept art upon defeating the final boss and completing the game, because the style on display in this game…well, let’s just say I’ve been a wee bit obsessed this week. And lo and behold! Yesterday, Gita Jackson published a killer article on Bayonetta style for Paste. It is excellent, and I’d highly recommend checking it out, HOWEVER: Continue reading Witchy Spectacles

Assassin’s Creed Hoodies

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.40.13 PM

Whoa, dudes, got some cash to burn today? These Assassin’s Creed hoodies are currently on sale for $28.00 (formerly $59.99), and they are foxy. Consider yourself notified.

Also, t-shirts designed by game designer/critic/Gamervescent bud Cameron Kunzelman ship free today, if you are interested in rocking a badass Alpaca Run tee and explaining the game’s concept and how, exactly, an alpaca differs from a llama to people who see you wearing it in public. Getchusome.

[ETA: Since posting, I’ve gotten two warnings from dudes who have purchased these hoodies, and apparently they’re kind of crap. So, probably, just admire the pretty pics and don’t buy. HOWEVER, I can personally vouch for the quality of Kunzelman’s t-shirts; I’ve got the Catachresis Ghost Cowboy and I wear it all the freakin’ time.]

Christmas is coming, your wallet is not fat!

But you wanna buy some jewelry; here’s how you can do that!

Lickety CutI’m in no way reimbursed to endorse this Etsy store, other than the general glow of telling people I like about cool stuff. I’d feel like a Grinch if I neglected to make a pre-Christmas mention of Lickety Cut. I own several pieces of their laser-cut acrylic jewelry, and have been more than satisfied with every one. If you’ve still got a geeky jewelry fan to buy for, check ’em out!