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Ed.: In accordance with Hannah’s wishes, we have refrained from copy editing her review of Thief.

thief 2014

Thief the game

With my short lived life as a gamer girl, I have not heard of the Thief (2014) before, until it was available for free for Xbox live gold members for 360 a few weeks ago. (I have to admit, even with my constant Elder Scrolls Online playing on Xbox One I still check back with good ol’ 360 for free games bi-monthly. Besides, there are way better free games for 360 than One, which is relatively new system and there aren’t as many “good” games that are out of season yet.) The almost monochromatic, mysterious cover art where the guy looks like the merchant from RE4 in his golden days. I knew I would be all in for this game. And who doesn’t secretly adore a shady pale guy covered in black eyeshadow that competes with your favorite raccoon of the backyard? As I’ve stated earlier, my gamer life is pretty new. I’ve never played any games seriously (watching my brother play Nintendo 64 and Sega back in the 90’s doesn’t count, unless it ever did) until the release of Skyrim (2011). I could go on about my first experience playing a console game seriously now and it would be funny to you but I am gonna save that for later where the story is more relative to what I’m writing. Back to our Thief talk, knowing my background, I did not know of the earlier games. All I knew was that I was going to enjoy this game VERY MUCH. Continue reading Theif

Badass Gamer of the Year: Carlos and Hand-Ear Coordination

HANNAH: When you play games online, you run into all sorts of people. Some are pleasant; others are not. If you like someone because of their skills, personality, or just simple banter over the mic, you likely add them as your online friend for future games. I have been fortunate to meet some of the coolest people while playing Mass Effect 3 and Resident Evil 6 in multiplayer mode and can proudly say they are my ‘Xbox live friends.’ Here is a story about one of the amazing online players I know.

Earlier this year, I was playing the Mercenaries minigame in RE6 two-player mode. I was playing so well with this player named ‘Agrarian Power’ and kept cracking up because they kept commanding their character to speak like every 2 seconds.

“I know what I’m doing.”

“Hell yeah!”

“Go and get ‘em.”


“Good job!”

“Heh, all too easy.”

I assumed the other player was using the voice commands as a joke, or possibly trying to annoy me, but I had no complaints because they were so damn good at controlling Jake Muller, throwing awesome counter attacks (which I was still trying to master). We played a few more ass-kicking rounds with high scores and pretty soon, decided to become ‘friends’ so we could kick more zombie and J’avo asses later. Then I received a message that floored me: “Thanks for being patient with me, I am blind and some people get mad but we had some good games.”

What? Blind? I thought they were just messing around at first, and asked them millions of questions about how they play video games with visual impairment, and how they were sending and reading my messages. The answers were simple: he—who turned out to be a guy named Carlos—plays by ear, and he uses a screen reader program on the computer to check and write messages.

Since then we have played a lot more Mercenaries and exchanged many chit-chats, and Carlos is one of the most interesting gamers I know. I asked him to partake in this article to talk about his love and amazing adaptability for video games, and he agreed to express his thoughts. I bet you my gamer tag that you’ll agree he deserves this title!

— Heinous Evilous

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Today We Give Thanks

ocarina party

Bethany is thankful for:


Brett is thankful for:

  • Nintendo – I bought a Wii U in March. A month or so later, so did one of my best friends. Then our other best friend bought one when he came in from Korea for the summer. We reunited with an old friend from school last weekend, crammed into my room, playing Smash Bros and Mario Kart while reminiscing. I haven’t really gotten excited for games in a long time, only buying one or two things a year for a while now, but the Wii U really reinvigorated me, and I’m so happy that my closest friends own one too so that we can all play and laugh with one another, even if one of us is currently in another country. And if we aren’t playing together, we’re usually sending obscene messages to each other in the Miiverse. Nothing says friendship like crudely drawn penises, right?
  • Anita Sarkeesian – For making awesome feminist video critiques. Also, thanks to loudmouths who hate her for making it very clear to me that I should avoid you. It’s good to know up-front you’re an asshole that I shouldn’t bother with, saves me so much time and energy.
  • Bethany and Jennifer – For being totally cool with letting an idiot like me contribute to such a great gaming site with my inane rambling! [Eds. Note: Awww! ♥♥]


Hannah (who is currently in Korea visiting family) is thankful for:

  • Portable games, such as Nintendo 3DS series and mobile games. My airline and train travels are not boring anymore!


Jennifer is thankful for:

  • Bethany Bryan and her twisted amazing hilarious brain and her beautiful bottomless heart. Y’all know Bethany is the reason this website still exists, right? When I grew too weary of shouldering the burden on my own and nearly abandoned it, Bethany trekked out to find G-vesc and me lying lost and almost dead in the wasteland and carried us back out again (true story!!). If you enjoy reading Gamervescent, you should send her a card, or at least a Facebook wall post of naked Alistair. [Bethany Note: This seriously made me a little teary. You’re too much.]
  • …and the rest of these jokers who contributed to this post and contribute regularly to this site. Luv u guysss, you are the best people who exist, seriously.
  • And also the best person who does not (yet!) contribute to this site, my wonderful friend who works at GameStop and made sure my guy and I got a Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age Inquisition even though we didn’t pre-order it. That’s love, man.
  • The vastly improved make-out physics in Dragon Age Inquisition’s romance cutscenes in comparison to those of previous DA games, dang!
  • Troy Baker’s vocal cords.
  • Admiral David Anderson’s never not hilarious workout plan.
  • Jake Muller’s henley.
  • Geometry Wars.
  • The Riot Gun.
  • Ghost Grant Collier, who watches over us all.
  • Photoshop, god bless it.


Joe is thankful for:

  • blocks that spit out mushrooms
  • the Tanooki Suit
  • bananas
  • barrels
  • Lon Lon Milk
  • Adam Jensen’s dialogue in Deus Ex
  • Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House
  • that there are two Warthogs accessible in the beach level of Halo: Combat Evolved
  • the eternal challenge of Trials HD
  • the wrench of BioShock
  • the combat tonics that improve wrench combat in BioShock
  • the way Mario does flip jumps in the Tanooki Suit if you get a star


Justin is thankful for:

  • that my birthday is so close to Thanksgiving I get a new game EVERY TIME
  • [relevant to the above:] Bizarre Creations’ newest Geometry Wars 3!!! I LOVED the first two in the series and now in 3D? Let’s do this!
  • Light bridges. When traveling becomes a bore, run across a bridge of pure light and try to complain – can’t. lightbridge
  • Yoshi plush toys. Because… this: yoshis
  • Dragon Age Inquisition’s in-depth character creation! I have never been able to make a believable Asian character until the new DA came along with its healthy number of toggles and swatches! Yeah, Haeinous has whitish-blue hair and more face tats in DA than she does in real life, but still. THIS IS AMAZING! IMG_1350


Kaylan is thankful for:

  • My boyfriend being patient with me whenever a new game I am super into is released.
  • My poppa bear always asking what games I’m into now (even though I know he has no idea what I am talking about).
  • That my friends understand how angry I get with multiplayer gaming and don’t bother me to join them.
  • Those who keep creating amazing flash games that have deeper meaning and challenge my thinking.
  • I am thankful for Gamervescent allowing me to geek out all over the place, as well as learning more about my friends and what gaming means to them. So thank you, loves! [Eds.: Awww, again! ♥♥♥]
  • Happy Turkey Day!


Laura is thankful for:

  • Cooperative games, because I love playing with my friends. My favourite evening is a Mario Party evening.
  • Having enought money to play World of Warcraft every month. It is such a great game.
  • I am thankful for the new versions of old games. Especially the Legend of Zelda games! Does anyone really have enough space for all the old consoles and the old games?
  • The rainy days. They are the perfect excuse for a gaming day. We don’t have many of those in Madrid, so that makes it much more special.
  • I am thankful for portable consoles. I used to have a Game Boy and it was huge, heavy, and the battery was shitty, so I couldn’t really play outside with it for a long time. Now I travel a lot and the Nintendo 3DS is perfect even for a 6-hour trip.
  • Finally, I am so thankful for those who make walkthroughs of difficult games and share them online. You guys are heroes.


And we are ALL thankful for you wonderful weirdos who visit this site! Have a great Thanksgiving, dudes.

Let’s Make a Skyrim Potion: Restore Health!

Here’s how I made a unique cocktail fit for a true Dovahkiin. Warning: it’s preeeetty potent.

Restore Health

[Ed.: I served as a taste tester for this potion, and can assure you that it is incredibly delicious and also knock-you-on-your-ass level alcoholic. To your good health!]

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Natalie Portman is a Mage, Brad Pitt is an Elf.

I’m one of those who spends time and effort creating a character when playing any game that allows you to do so. And nothing beats Dragon Age Origins if you want to make pretty faces! (I’d go for Skyrim for rougher, more weathered male faces.) So enjoy my Dalish Elf Brad Pitt (first named him Theirry before I decided he’ll be Brad) and human mage Natalie Portman.

I play on Xbox 360, therefore no mods were used whatsoever.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 4.02.37 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 4.03.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 4.03.39 PM

Natalie Portman Mage


Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 3.46.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 3.47.21 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 3.48.02 PM

[Ed.: The Brad Pitt elf is killing me, I cannot stop laughing. DON’T DRINK THE TAINT, BRAD!]

Brad Pitt Elf


Hannah Haein Lee takes her character creation seriously, and thinks games need to step it the eff up with character customization options for Asian faces.

Let’s Make Rupee Bonbons!

Rupee Bonbons!

I’ve been wanting to contribute to Gamervescent without having to write much. I just suck at writing, and I don’t enjoy it much. So I thought, “I can make some game-related food items and take lots of pictures!” Why yes, having pictures will save me from the agony of actually having to write.

After spending about five minutes to think hard, I decided to commence my first video game food post with rupees from the Legend of Zelda series. I thought it was going to be easy-peasy, given the fairly simple shape. Well, it was NOT. I probably would never make these again, but I’m going to share how I made them for those of you who are just curious or brave enough to try for yourself.

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