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The Ultimate Ranking of Koopalings by Hairstyle

The Koopalings. Evil minions of Bowser or cutting-edge trendsetters? Let’s dig deeper with this ultimate ranking of Koopalings by hairstyle…

7. Roy

roy koopa

Roy, the bald look is totally in, but if you want to Vin Dazzle, you have got to make the effort.

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Drinking With Wario

When I wrote that Ode to Wario that went up earlier this week, I was just joking about going to a bar with him. It wasn’t anything more than a silly visual that I had in my head, you know? You’d never find Mario or Peach watching a band play and getting beer spilled on them. I didn’t think much of it after I’d written the piece.


But then the stars aligned. My girlfriend talked me into going to a show one night at the Hideaway in Johnson City, and I decided to take Wario with me, get a picture of him with a drink to go with my Ode piece, and give people a few more chuckles.

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Original: Pet Peeves: Mario and “My Turn!”, Jennifer Culp

Traducción: Laura Collado

Fly, Mario, fly!

No se me dan demasiado mal los juegos de Mario, pero tampoco es que sea especialmente buena. Solo soy la típica jugadora de Mario normal y corriente. Me lo he pasado bien jugando a los juegos de Mario la mayor parte de mi existencia, pero hay una cosa que siempre me ha molestado, desde que jugué por primera vez al Super Mario Bros. 3 con un amigo: la regla de « ¡me toca!» después morir. Continue reading JODIENDAS: EL MARIO Y «¡ME TOCA!»

It’s a Martinet!

Charles Martinet

Earlier this year I went to see Charles Martinet—voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and the baby versions of all those characters, among others—speak at a local con. It was absolutely delightful, partly because Mr. Martinet is a super friendly guy who looks like the übergrandfather, partly because he is extremely talkative and apt to break into Mario-esque voices several times throughout the course of expressing a single thought, and definitely because he enthusiastically greeted my significant other, who was dressed as Jareth the Goblin King, as, “Man with baby! No—PIRATE with baby!”

Last month Charles Martinet started an Instagram account, and—unless you loathe Mario and cheerful white-haired grandfatherly types and JOY—it is a guaranteed mood booster. Harnessing his propensity to hold one-person multi-voice Mario character conversations with himself, Martinet carries little Mario and Luigi toys around as he goes about his day and films them carrying on brief inane conversations with one another (often, they argue about whether or not various creatures they encounter are cows). Occasionally Wario makes an appearance to make fart noises or jokes about dead bananas. If you’re on IG or you just want to know what Luigi would say upon first seeing a llama, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Here we goooo!

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Mushroom Demons


Pretty much the only games I’ve played in 2014 are from two particular series: for the first half of the year I’ve been hacking through From Software’s much-acclaimed Souls series. I played through Demon’s Souls again, went straight into Dark Souls and played through it TWICE, then got my hands on Dark Souls II and slogged my way through it, slowly and painfully. Around that time, I also got a Wii U, and have been playing Mario games almost exclusively on it: Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario World, 3D World, and I most recently acquired Super Mario Bros 2.

I made a remark on Twitter as I was banging my head against the wall, trapped in the Forest of Illusion in Super Mario World, that I’d died more times in that godforsaken place than I had in 60+ hours of playtime in Dark Souls II. Then something occurred to me: there are a LOT of similarities between the Souls series and Super Mario games. Continue reading Mushroom Demons