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Lousy, Shoddy Fun


Being a Godzilla fan for virtually my entire life has shaped me in a way that I’m only starting to become aware of in recent years. I prefer practical effects over CG. I don’t trust movie and videogame reviews all too much. While a lot of fans—especially in comics—obsess over continuity and timelines, Toho Studios never gave much of a damn about such things for most of the Godzilla movies, so I’ve learned not to care much either. Playing a perfectly designed videogame, reading a perfect comic, listening to a perfect album—all of that is awesome, when everything falls into place and works so well, looks and sounds slick, but…I don’t know. For some reason, that isn’t as appealing to me as something that isn’t quite so perfectly put together. I like seeing when mistakes are made. I like awkward translations, weird cuts, proportions that are somehow off. It feels more human to me. I can relate to it better as an imperfect artist and imperfect person myself. I like it when things get occasionally sloppy. Continue reading Lousy, Shoddy Fun

We Feel Groove!


If I wasn’t playing videogames or watching cartoons as a kid, I was outside playing. I’d sink a lot of time into Pokémon, then go out and pretend I was my trainer from the game, going on adventures and meeting cute girls. Or I’d make up my own character who’d fight alongside Cloud, Barrett, and Tifa in Final Fantasy VII. I think most kids with active imaginations did this sort of thing, right?

Using the last of my Club Nintendo coins before they shut the whole thing down this summer, I downloaded EarthBound on the Wii U Virtual Console. I’ve tried playing it a couple times before on an emulator in high school, but could never get into it. Now, as an older, hopefully smarter person, fumbling my way through my late twenties and waxing nostalgic all too frequently, the game is a delight. It’s very much along the lines of how I’d play pretend when I was little, leaving the house to go on a big adventure to save the world, wielding a plastic baseball bat pretending it’s a sword—that kind of thing. Continue reading We Feel Groove!

Hack the Planet

I love the tile-swapping, pipe-building hacking minigame in BioShock with a fervent, overwhelming love. Does it get repetitive? Yes. Have I ever been troubled by that fact? No. I find it soothing, a welcome respite from fielding attacks by Splicers. Something about October makes me want to play BioShock again, so here I sit, letting my autohack tools rust in my inventory, hacking every hackable object in my path.

Hack Rapture! Hack the planet!! Pipe-tile-swapping FOREVER!!!!


The Music Just Turns Me On

In case you’re not aware, the greatest Dreamcast game ever, Jet Set Radio, is available on the PSN, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam. Since last year, I think, but I’m slow and stupid and didn’t get around to grabbing it until this past weekend while in a nostalgic fit.

There’s nothing else like this game. It wasn’t the first game to use cel-shaded graphics (I believe that distinction goes to the Fear Effect games on the Playstation?), but it popularized the style. This is one gorgeous game, and I want to say it’s like a living, breathing comic book, but no comic I’ve seen has EVER looked like this. Maybe if you crossed Brandon Graham’s King City with Kristian Donaldson’s art on Supermarket you’d get close, but this is a videogame site, so I’ll shut up about that. I’ve been trying for YEARS to do art similar to what Jet Set Radio does, and I still haven’t cracked it.

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Hiya, everybody! I’m unfortunately between games at the moment, waiting for the third day for Tales of Xilla 2 to download. Because! Someone’s boyfriend keeps being kind and considerate and turning off the PS3 when I’m not touching it. Not realizing in reality he is fucking up my world.

So let me take you back in time (again). I’ll make this easy for you: just pretend I described the most magical dream time traveling movie quality sequence and mosey on over to 1999.

You made it! Good Job!

See that sleepy-faced girl with the stupid neck tattoo necklace? You just time jumped to her.
See that sleepy-faced girl with the stupid neck tattoo necklace? You just time jumped to her.

Since 1993, there was one show this horribly dressed teen cared about: The X-Files. If you have no idea what show I’m referring to ….go binge watch until your eyes bleed. That’s the best advice I could ever give you. Basically, for six years Baby Kaylan had been just obsessing over this show. Like the characters, these people in my head, were my friends.

Then one day, my parents bring home the BEST THING EVER. The X-Files Game. It was a movie point-and-click adventure PC game that was going to rock my world. Even though the made-for-the-game character was not customizable and had his own backstory, I was totally going to pretend it was all about ME. I was going to single white female this little character and take over his life. Continue reading Waiting.

What is Final Fantasy about, Kaylan?

With the exception of a single afternoon of chocobo racing with a guy I had a crush on in middle school, I have never played a Final Fantasy game. Kaylan, who I first encountered when I overheard her talking about her crush on the same guy at a high school soccer game, has. When I wondered, “Just what, exactly, is Final Fantasy about?” recently, I knew exactly who to ask.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.48.56 PM

That’s okay! Tell me anyway.

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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, a dark legacy indeed

It started with an Angry Orchard Ale display stand at Sam’s Club, the old tree howled when I walked by, “Se-k t runestones a-d -ri-e Skorne frm is d-sol-te -a-d.” I had no clue most of the words meant, but the sound profile immediately awoke some dim part of my brain.


It was the voice of the yellow-robed wizard, Sumner of Gauntlet: Legends, and immediately after he spoke the tree made that spiraling sound you hear in the game when you get sucked into or out of a level.

My friend Justin perked up when I told him what happened in the store. “Damn, dude! Really?! I’ve got the Xbox version of Gauntlet at my house somewhere!”


We found it in a pile of dirty clothes and trash in his laundry room/basement area.

findsgame Continue reading Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, a dark legacy indeed