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Break-ups, Make-ups

Break-ups Make-ups

Dragon Age 2

You were so promising at the start. I thought I could love you even more than your predecessor. But I got tired of fighting the same bandits in the same areas of the same city constantly and then, when you did that thing to my (in-game) mom? I keep you around and insist I’ll replay someday, but I just don’t know if we’ll be able to work that out.

Alan Wake

Dammit, Alan Wake. I thought you’d be a delightful scare, but all you gave me was frustration and confusion. I didn’t enjoy the combat much, and didn’t enjoy the plot and setting enough to keep plugging away at it. Sorry.

Brütal Legend

Tim Schafer! A million cameos from metal musicians! Jack Black’s voice wasn’t even that annoying! But we just weren’t meant to be. I’m not much of a real-time strategist, and I really hated that part where you have to ride the Razorfire Boars.  Continue reading Break-ups, Make-ups

Why Jennifer needs to finish playing Half-Life 2

They're waiting for you, Jennifer.Half-Life 2 is so super awesome, it makes my face melt. So, when I finished playing it recently (and Episodes 1 and 2), I promptly went back and played through the whole thing again just because I wanted to relive the entire experience.

But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. You played through it ages ago and are already aware that Half-Life 2 is the best. But, just between us, you know who doesn’t? My friend Jennifer Culp. SHHHHH! Just be cool. Don’t let on that we’re talking about her. Continue reading Why Jennifer needs to finish playing Half-Life 2