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Ed.: In accordance with Hannah’s wishes, we have refrained from copy editing her review of Thief.

thief 2014

Thief the game

With my short lived life as a gamer girl, I have not heard of the Thief (2014) before, until it was available for free for Xbox live gold members for 360 a few weeks ago. (I have to admit, even with my constant Elder Scrolls Online playing on Xbox One I still check back with good ol’ 360 for free games bi-monthly. Besides, there are way better free games for 360 than One, which is relatively new system and there aren’t as many “good” games that are out of season yet.) The almost monochromatic, mysterious cover art where the guy looks like the merchant from RE4 in his golden days. I knew I would be all in for this game. And who doesn’t secretly adore a shady pale guy covered in black eyeshadow that competes with your favorite raccoon of the backyard? As I’ve stated earlier, my gamer life is pretty new. I’ve never played any games seriously (watching my brother play Nintendo 64 and Sega back in the 90’s doesn’t count, unless it ever did) until the release of Skyrim (2011). I could go on about my first experience playing a console game seriously now and it would be funny to you but I am gonna save that for later where the story is more relative to what I’m writing. Back to our Thief talk, knowing my background, I did not know of the earlier games. All I knew was that I was going to enjoy this game VERY MUCH. Continue reading Theif

I’m still waiting.

Disney and Square Enix have brought me immense joy and crippling anger.

Kingdom Hearts

In 2002 Kingdom Hearts was released. It was a beautiful, life-changing game, a game that combined my love for Final Fantasy with movie characters from my childhood. In the beginning I was skeptical, but that changed with the opening scene of the game. After choosing my path, I began my journey as Sora.

Befriending Donald and Goofy … flying and building gummi ships with Chip and Dale … finding Moogles to sell me things … going from world to world meeting beloved characters such as Ariel, Bell, Aladdin, and more … squealing when I encountered Cloud, and swooning over Leon once again … saving the Hundred Acres Wood one page at a time … Hell, I built a gummi ship in the shape of a Cactuar! But I still wasn’t satisfied after defeating the Heartless; I needed more. Continue reading I’m still waiting.