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Kaylan Finishes BioShock 2: IT WAS MY FAVORITE

The thrilling conclusion to Kaylan’s BioShock 2 Play Diary!! Need to catch up? Check out Part 1Part 2Part 3.

I thought I had gotten lost in the ocean, but I hadn’t I was just a silly goose; finally I checked my map after too embarrassingly long to admit. Once I got back on track I placed my key in the AirLock Access Plant and realized I had found the ACTUAL secret base. Now I’m not so disappointed. I take back everything I said last time about the hiding skills. Immediately I find a diary revealing more shitty parenting by Sofia Lamb. I don’t understand how you could experiment on your own baby. I mean, I’m just saying. The similarities between Eleanor Lamb and Elizabeth Comstock are interesting. Both of these poor girls were basically abused by their parental figures for a “Greater Good,” a “Utopia,” and that is fucked up. Also they were raised by bonded half-man-half-machine creatures. Songbird and Delta seem to care more for the wellbeing and survival of these two women more than their parents even cared to attempt.

There is love here.
There is love here.

I mean, it’s kind of fitting that Lamb is keeping Eleanor in a Prison Hospital, considering she’s always treated her daughter like a captive instead of her child. I wonder does she even love her? Does anyone else ever wonder these things when they play games? If she does love her, does she just love her ideals more? HEARTFUCKINGBREAKING. Continue reading Kaylan Finishes BioShock 2: IT WAS MY FAVORITE

Dramaturgy: BioShock Infinite


Note: I’m not 100% sure if I’m using the term “dramaturgy” correctly here. I learned it from Chris Braak, who writes cool ones about stuff like Wonder Woman punching tanks and tearing George S. Patton’s guns in half for Threat Quality Press. I am using it here to indicate that I feel the plot of BioShock Infinite is flawed and talk about the ways I, personally, would go about fixing it. Is restructuring/reworking the plot of a video game a dramaturgical undertaking?

ETA: Now I know! Braak: “The word ‘dramaturgery’ is a word that I made up, it’s a portmanteu of ‘dramaturgy’ and ‘surgery,’ and refers specifically to the thing that I do when I rewrite the plot of a movie in order to correct what I perceive are either errors or just places where the idea isn’t very clear in the dramatic structure of the story.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 2.24.20 PM

Note 2: I would make an absolutely appalling video game critic, for several reasons. Firstly, my brain doesn’t really function effectively at the speed of internet. When I first play something, particularly a game I’ve been eagerly anticipating, my response is basically, “IT GAVE ME ADRENALINE FEELS, IT IS THE GREATEST THING THAT HAS EVER BEEN CREATED BY MAN!!!” Maybe I’m selling myself a little (little) short with that characterization, in hindsight some of my initial post-playthrough responses don’t come off as fangirlish as I was expecting, but the point stands. So that’s why you’re getting thoughts on BioShock Infinite now, because I’m thinking about it now.

Note 3: If you are a delicate reader, please turn back now, because my main thought on the game at this point is… Continue reading Dramaturgy: BioShock Infinite