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Kaylan’s Mass Effect Diary Part 4: The End

Kaylan Plays Mass Effect: Part 1, Part 2, Part In-Between, Part 3, Part Ugh

sad garrus is sad

And all good things must come to an end… (until replay, anyway)

We saved the Citadel from Reaper attack, rescued the Council, worked with Cerberus, befriended the Geth, united the races, and even had a party on shore leave (that got a little out of hand). We accomplished so much together! The end has come upon us; we’ve lost friends along the way. I beat Kai Leng to death with my bare hands in vengeance. I refused to waste a thermal clip on him.

And now we’ve made our way to Earth. Here are my thoughts on saying goodbye to everyone, in raw form: Continue reading Kaylan’s Mass Effect Diary Part 4: The End