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Tales of Berseria

When I mentioned to Jennifer in passing that I missed Gamervescent [ed. note: prompting Jenn to suddenly decide “Hey let’s do Gamervescent again for the holiday season!] I was absolutely sincere, but I also didn’t take into consideration that I only played one game in all of 2017, besides solo rounds of You Don’t Know Jack (The Ride edition) and attempting Mass Effect: Andromeda and not liking it (I’ll need to retry this again sometime). I haven’t had energy to do much since restarting therapy—I’ve abandoned my wigs, my makeup collection grows and stays relatively untouched—but I did take three weeks out of my moping to play Tales of Berseria. The Tales Series has always been my favorite and Berseria looked exciting and promising with a story surrounding a female protagonist.

Meet Velvet, a small-town girl who rocks the long braid and messy bangs.

Berseria starts out like all Tales games: filled with hope and whimsy, meeting your main character and getting an introduction into their life. Velvet lives a quiet existence with her sick brother Laphi and their dead sister’s fiancee. They have humble beginnings and love each other very much. Velvet spends her time doting over her family and doing her damned best to please everyone around her. I started the game thinking it was beautiful visually, as most Tales games are, wondering what they had in mind for this sweet innocent girl, and also somewhat annoyed they had pigeonholed her into  a cooking, cleaning, caring stereotype. You know, until Arthur, her dead sister’s lover, decides to murder her baby brother Laphicet before her eyes, for the good of the people. Continue reading Tales of Berseria