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“Leliana Sings Forever,” Kaylan’s Dragon Age Epic Part 3

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Leliana is batshit, but that is pretty entertaining. She’s like the easiest ex to get along with.


— Man she has been singing for like, ever. Stop it. This is a really long song. It was for real three minutes… What… No… Why?

I made popcorn while you sang.

GAH why won’t Alistair sleep with me. I’ve done like 50 makeouts.

GOT IT DONE! Laid and yet still not tied down quite yet, ha

Leliana and I had a lovely conversation about how much we both love shoes!  Continue reading “Leliana Sings Forever,” Kaylan’s Dragon Age Epic Part 3



Haha, so last week I was all, “THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF GAMERVESCENT!!” and then the very next day was more like, “hold that thought, I am so sick, please leave me to die in peace.” And since I also stopped drinking coffee last week (it made me feel even more dehydrated than I did to start with, which was, very), I spent a lot of time sleeping. A LOT. Kaylan texted me when she was suffering from a major bout of insomnia and had stayed up all night teaching herself iMovie to make me an insane/hilarious photo+song montage detailing the progression of her relationship with Kaidan Alenko throughout the Mass Effect trilogy. I responded from bed and  politely neglected to mention that I had just slept for approximately 15 hours straight and could easily go for more. (Say your goodbyes, everybody, I am SO ready for Uthenera.) Continue reading Faded