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Kaylan’s Big Debt Adventure with Tales of Xillia 2

xilla kaylan 1

Hello, errrrrybody! What have I been up to lately, you may ask? Virtually paying off my debt would be my simple answer. Student loans? Shopping addiction? Loan sharks?

That last one is close… I’m playing Tales of Xillia 2, and early into the game, the protagonist, Ludger Kresnik, is forced to take a loan from a very shady bank with unbelievable interest rate, causing a 20,000,000 gald burden.

xilla kaylan 2

See that dude throwing me major shade? Yeah, I’m paying off his debt too…

The game is designed for chapters in which you have to pay off a certain amount of your debt to continue on. To do so you must take jobs, defeat monsters, and gather the moola any way you can. Eventually, towards the final chapters, it becomes more relaxed, and Vera, your financier, will slack off on calling and badgering you for money.

xilla kaylan 3

She winks an awful lot… I think she has a crush on me.

Technically, you could continue on from this point not spending another dime. Not me! As soon as the dude heads off to sleep, I kick back and slave away to finish paying off what I owe. Unlike real life creditors, the more I pay back, the more present I collect from my mailbox. The only problem is I cannot relay the storyline because I am desperately trying to rid myself of this massive burden. I’m responsible (in game)! That and there is a side quest in which I am asked to retrieve 100 cats from across the world who are hiding from the crazy cat lady who lives in my apartment building.

xilla kaylan 4

Anything else? No, Ludger, that’s it 20,000,000 debt and 100 cats.

Must. Find. The. Cats. After I do pay off what I owe (and find all the rogue kitties), I fully intend to replay the game and pay attention during my gameplay too. Tales of Xillia, besides the debt, is a direct sequel to the first, with returning characters traveling with you through a new adventure. You can discov””er more about them through side quests. The game is like a “choose your own adventure” book adapting to your responses at key moments.

But who cares about all of that? I only have 9,000,000 more gald until freedom… Excuse me. I have monsters to slay and money to earn.

Kaylan is very responsible about her finances in real life.

Finally, a New Boyfriend for Barbie


Here’s the Booker DeWitt action figure. If you’re like me, you went right out and bought it and then took it home to totally make out with Barbie. She’s been so lonely since Ken’s head fell off.

He looks like a member of a steampunk boy band (he would be the serious one). It’s adorable.

Better [Com]stock up on these before they sell out.

Get it?

Video Games Are Love, So Don’t Forget It


I’ve read several articles the last few weeks about the controversy in the gaming industry, and UGH, DO NOT WANT. I don’t know why I do this to myself, reading things, when there are video games to play and pet unicorns to aspire to owning.

At Gamervescent, we aren’t journalists. We don’t jump right in to  address controversy or dig deep to find the facts. There are other people who do that way better than we do. So, we let them do it. We want them to do it.

That said, we support anyone who wants to see more female representation in games (representation of all genders, really). We want to see more female game reviewers. We want women to be game developers. We want them to be happy and respected, doing all of those things.

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The Tampon Shooting Game of Your Dreams

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.52.18 AM


When I was in seventh grade, during P.E. class one day, we were all called into the girls’ locker room by our P.E. teacher to discuss a great travesty. Someone…some seventh or eighth grade girl had thrown her used tampon on the floor by the toilet. And we were ALL in so much trouble until someone confessed. One eight grade girl took it upon herself to investigate the crime. She drilled us like Elliot Stabler with way too much eye makeup and huge bangs that stayed in place with an entire can of Aquanet.

No one ever confessed, and to this day the mystery remains.

When I played a few rounds of Tampon Run yesterday, I remembered back to that time. Why hasn’t anyone thought of weaponizing tampons until now? If one tampon can bring P.E. class to a standstill, think of what hundreds could do. Think on that while you play a few rounds of Tampon Run, created by two hilarious high school students.

My Boyfriend Finished His First Zelda Game

mike finishes zelda


On Saturday, a momentous thing happened. My boyfriend finished a video game for the first time. Oh, he’s played a lot of video games, but he’s bad about finishing them. I’d like to take credit for it, but it was all him and several hours dedicated to A Link Between Worlds.

Now, we have to convince him to play Ocarina of Time.

Seinfeld in The Sims 4: Serenity Now!


You’ve seen Fusilli Jerry. Now see him, George, Elaine, and Kramer as characters in The Sims 4, as created by IanRoach. It’s pretty amazing. See all the images here. It’s making me want to buy the new Sims game, despite all I’ve been hearing about glitches. Although, let’s admit it. Sims glitches are HILARIOUS. And terrifying.

Video Games I Wish Existed


If I knew this would come up when I googled Jane Eyre, I would have googled it a long time ago.

Every day I think to myself, “This would be a fun video game. But one that only I would find fun.” Because I am disgusting and have weird tastes in fun. Here are some games I really wish existed.

1. Masterpiece Theatre Presents: Crazy Attic Wife Shootout-  An action-packed video game about the best character from Jane Eyre. Get her before she burns down the mansion!

2. Cut and Run- A stealth video game about moving out of your apartment in the middle of the night to avoid paying next month’s rent.

3. Super Smash Executives- The guys from your accounting firm go head to head in this battle game.

4.  8 Glasses – In this mobile game, you must check in with your character all day and give him a glass of water. But be careful! If you give him too much, he will wet himself, causing water damage to your phone. If you give him too little, he’ll get kidney stones and you’ll have to marry him so that he can be on your insurance.

5. Brunch- A strategy game where you must plan a brunch with 10 friends. Get everyone there on time so you can keep your reservation or you lose!

6. 12 Angry Men- Can you sway the other 11 jurors to go your way in the time allotted? Or will a clearly innocent man be executed. (Vibration setting cannot be turned off during electrocution.)

7. I Am the Butcher- An RPG where you must play as a 46-year-old butcher named Freddy. No, his appearance is not customizable. Now, what’ll ya have? The pork shanks? Good choice.

8. House Plant- A game app where you check in on a houseplant every two weeks. Did you forget? It’s dead now. Are you happy?

9. Dirty Harry- Did he fire six shots or only five? Because that’s all he’s given to finish this action/adventure game filled with racism.

10. BioShock: From the Files of Police Squad- It’s just BioShock, but we have Frank Drebin instead of Jack.

Saying Goodbye to a Fellow Gamer


Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda. <3

Gaming is often the way that people deal with depression. I know because I’ve done it. Sometimes I’ll realize I’ve done nothing but submerge myself in a video game for an entire day (or several days). I look around and think, “Wow, I haven’t even been in my own life today.” And it’s a good and bad feeling because I feel guilty for the escapism, but happy that it was blocking me from dealing with everything else.

I can’t let today go by without mentioning Robin Williams. He was a gamer, like us. He loved Ocarina of Time and Half-Life 2 and Call of Duty. This morning I realized that he’s never going to know if Half-Life 3 ever happens, and that made me profoundly sad.

Take some time today and read his Reddit AMA here. And this article at Kotaku. And then maybe go play some games for our fallen comrade.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, a dark legacy indeed

It started with an Angry Orchard Ale display stand at Sam’s Club, the old tree howled when I walked by, “Se-k t runestones a-d -ri-e Skorne fr-m -is d-sol-te -a-d.” I had no clue most of the words meant, but the sound profile immediately awoke some dim part of my brain.


It was the voice of the yellow-robed wizard, Sumner of Gauntlet: Legends, and immediately after he spoke the tree made that spiraling sound you hear in the game when you get sucked into or out of a level.

My friend Justin perked up when I told him what happened in the store. “Damn, dude! Really?! I’ve got the Xbox version of Gauntlet at my house somewhere!”


We found it in a pile of dirty clothes and trash in his laundry room/basement area.

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Too Busy; Didn’t Play: THE BANNER SAGA

Hi! My name is Kevin Copenhaver and one of the few things I love more than video games is key lime pie. (That, however, has nothing to do with this article, I just really love it. ) I also love telling my fiancée how awesome games I played are. I usually do this with crazy-eyed stares and ridiculous run-on sentences. This got me to thinking: shouldn’t EVERYONE be able to experience my love of games the same way she does? Doesn’t each and every man, woman, child, animal, sea monster, dragon, and sting chameleon deserve to have a game summed up for them in one long, run-on sentence that manages to stay below 500 words?  

Say you are at a party and everyone starts talking about a game—that unsettling feeling that sets in when you realize you are the ONLY person who hasn’t played it. You start to sweat as they tell tales of woe and bosses you’ve never even heard of. Your stomach starts to churn; your vision blurs. You cannot even figure out what genre the game is! As you start panting and convulsing on the floor your friends laugh and begin kicking you, gaily chanting, “You’ve never played Vagrant Story, you’ve never played Vagrant Story!” and, “You even game, brah(-sephina)?!” Moments like that ruin lives.  

Sometimes life is unfair and these stupid “responsibilities” get in the way of the important things like gaming, and eating. These recaps will save you from a lifetime of humiliation. You may not have played the game, you may not even understand the finer details, but if you stick it out for 500 words or less, you will at least be able to pretend you know what you are talking about.  

And now, for our first installment…

Too Busy; Didn’t Play: THE BANNER SAGA

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