21 thoughts on “We need to talk about the hairstyles in Dragon Age Inquisition.”

    1. They put a huge burden on gay women to embrace the tomboy hairstyle. I’d like to see some more androgynous looks. These all look like everyone in the family got lice during the famine.

  1. LOL yes the hair is soooo awful on this game. I thought the character creation in general was worse even then other bioware games. It took me like 20 tries to create a not-awful looking female character. Went with business bun…

  2. Not that women can’t pull off looking great with short hair (or bald)… but when making a female character, There should be less “Guy styles” … Seriously, what about long hair? Other types of braids? Anything but this crap!!! I was seriously disappointed. We can go into so much detail with our characters, from jaw structures to scars… but then you get to the hair and they totally half-assed it! smh

  3. Wanna know what’s worse? The males and females for Humans and Elves all share hairstyles. Like, in Origins and DA2 there were separate hairstyles for both genders and male hairstyles usually get gypped enough in CC due to most designers not thinking to just go look at a hair salon’s lookbook. Now they’re shared and that’s almost worse. These hairstyles do no one favors and if I can’t make my Inquisitor’s hair pink, don’t talk to me 😛

  4. I am GUESSING the whole bald/shaved/military looks are because you’re essentially a warrior, and long hair isn’t exactly practical…. But couldn’t a braid or any other bun or a ponytail or just anything?!?! be a better option instead of those doubles? I really don’t see the slightest difference between most of those that the girls had to explain are two different styles. Really. In DA:O there were plenty more “hairy” options, and you could fashion little braids to the sides… I mean, short a la garcon is neat (Cassandra neat) and even shaved can be awesome… What is really frustrating is the lack of options. 28 hairstryles and you basically get 8 actual options? And they are mostly bad… WTH. Also, what’s with the gay thing? Firstly, short hair doesn’t make you a lesbian and vice versa. Secondly, as a straight girl I don’t feel ‘gay’ is forced on me with the hair choices – just bad taste in hairstyle. Third, I would love my characted to rock some locks while defeating the evil that threats Thedas. I MEAN CAN’T YOU BE BADASS *A*N*D* HAVE LONG HAIR? Sure realistically may not be as practical BUT it’s a friggin game, if I want to fight a war with luscious locks on my character’s back, then hell im gonna! BRING ON THE MODS!!!

  5. I just found this page after having an Inquisition character creator hairstyle crisis, and I just wanted to thank you for it. It made me laugh after I had spent hours crying because of all the horrible, horrible hairstyles in Inquisition.

    Truly, bald is the only option.

  6. lol I wish origin didn’t think it was too much to ask to make a PRETTY female inquisitor. I mean there’s like what…5 hair styles with actual hair, and then like 50 bald ones. I feel like this is laziness with the designers to be honest lol.

  7. These options are all literally the same one for the males. It infuriates me that BW didn’t even try to make feminine hair.

    1. Have you noticed that even the ones that look somewhat feminine (pony tail, side-do) have receding temples? How lazy is that?! They couldn’t even adjust the transparency on the scalp overlay.

  8. just amazingly HORRIBLE, DA origins and DA II were 100 times better than Inquisition in charcter creation…

    men and women same hairstyle options?… 20 bald hairstyles?…
    women with beards?…

    but the worst is: long hair “not practical”?? it’s a GAME GOD DAMMIT!!

  9. <—-currently dying laughing at the commentary. Dear God I thought I was the only one who thought these hair styles looked horrible lol

  10. I went with the side shaved, sideways ‘do, but it does look as though I’m wearing a wig that my cat dragged in. Also, what’s with the lousy lighting during character creation? I ended up with crazy purple eyeshadow instead of the deep violet I thought I’d chosen.

    Please, someone mod some new hairstyles!

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  12. Ok, so I am all excited. I just played through DA:O and II for the first time the past two months just to get the whole experience with Inquisition.

    I have not got past the hair slider on my first build and I did two things: search to see if I was missing hair styles (how I found this article) and checked Nexus to see if I can mod Inquisition (that’s a big fat no).

    I’m a female and I like to look pretty in my games. To me, that pretty includes long fantasy-gorgeous hair. Instead I get multiple buzz-cut and other boy-styles. This is both funny and frustrating.

    Your article is so appreciated as you’ve completely and hilariously demonstrated my sentiments exactly.

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